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EaseUS – Data Recovery Software for PC, Laptop, Tablet & Removable Devices.

One common thing which most of gadgets users these fear about is loss of data. The reason is obvious. As a user, you could have spend a lot of time, effort and even money to get that data. So losing it would be the last thing you desire. Most of users uses multiple gadgets now a days ranging from PC, Laptop, Tablet and removable devices as well like Pen drives etc. If for whatsoever reason, you lose the important data, then you getting it back somehow become your foremost priority.…

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winx-media-trans-software Data Recovery Software 

Top iPhone (7) Manager Software: WinX MediaTrans Giveaway for a Limited Time

Polished with everything you need in a phone – longer battery life, water resistance and a new camera, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will once again hit the market on Sep, 16. When you get your brand-new iPhone 7, the first priority is to transfer data from your old model to this new sweetie, eh? Sure some of you resist a massive drain on wallet and start looking forward to iPhone 8. However, keep in mind that backup with important files on a regular basis will make an indispensable contribution to data recovery due…

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All about Nokia Amber Updates

Everything About Nokia Amber Update In last article we talked about Nokia Lumia 625 which was released recently and many features it was released with one update which is Nokia Amber Update. In this article readers can read about it and discuss it. What is it About Nokia Amber Update? Standby time display Now Nokia window with amber update will include standby time option by which mobile phone will run on special low power mode. It enables the phone to constantly display the current time. Now clock on the phone…

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Software Utility to Automate the Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard is the software utility that helps you to automate the mouse and keyboard actions without any manual interventions. For example, for activities like software installations, playing games or any other such activities requiring constant and repeatedly clicking by mouse at some point on the screen. The software allows you to even input predefined text automatically. You can create, edit and optimize the mouse and keyboard actions and schedule the tasks. The automatic clicking on the screen will be based on locating a small picture on the…

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Share your Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers

Do you belong to that category of people who use more than one computers /laptops. If yes, then, now you can control all the computers with just one set of keyboard and mouse. However, the maximum number of computers that can be controlled using one keyboard and mouse is just four. Still, enough for most of people. Mouse without Borders is the software by Microsoft that does help you with this. The software has been developed by Microsoft as a side project and is an initiative of Microsoft Garage project.…

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