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Social networking sites are getting banned?

No doubt social networking sites have simplified our lives for better but don’t you think that we have made ourselves completely dependent on social networking sites for communication needs? Think deeply and then you will realize the real consequences of these sites. Recent concerns are grabbing the attentions of many. So far, so many suicidal cases have been registered till yet and the reason of course is ‘impact of social networking sites’. Teenagers today are becoming more addicted towards this latest technology for several reasons. Even for completing the homework,…

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Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Sites

Computers and networking with other people over computers have become such ubiquitous parts of our lives that most people have some sort of social media site set up for their kids. They may have, for instance, a profile on Facebook that is all their own and that the use to post things about themselves, connect with their family and do all of the things that everyone else does on these sites. Where kids are concerned, however, there are some particular security issues that you do need to worry about. Keeping…

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Hinge Apps Helps to Find a Date through Facebook Mutual Friends

Hinge is the name of new App that claims to help finding a date through Facebook mutual friends. In the case of Hinge, the app helps you meet people to date through mutual Facebook friends. Hinge was founded by McLeod on Valentine’s Day 2011, while he was attending Harvard Business School. Bennett Richardson, the company’s CMO, joined Hinge last spring. He and McLeod were roommates and best friends at Colgate University, where they both received they undergraduate degrees. How Does Hinge Work to Help Find Date using Facebook’s Mutual Friends…

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Why You Shouldn’t Push Social Media on Your Site

Social media can be a great boon to your website. It could drive additional traffic which could lead to greater revenue, or it could be used to get a message out to a large number of people. However, there is a line that should be drawn when adding social media content to your website. Too much of a good thing could actually be quite detrimental to the well-being of your site. Instead of helping generate traffic, it could wind up driving traffic away.  1. Coding – Sometimes, code you add…

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See Yourself on TV with Youtoo Facebook Apps

Youtoo is world’s first social TV network which was launched in USA in 2011. Its basically a cable network company with a social twist. Youtoo is the first initiative to make TV an interactive and a non-idiot box. Until, now TVs only allowed one-way interaction i.e. you could only watch programs without any participation from your side. But Youtoo changed that and allowed people to be on TV and see yourself in a video that is being transmitted to millions of households. Youtoo has already reached more than 15 million…

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