Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Sites Social Media Social Networking Tips and Tricks 

Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Sites

Computers and networking with other people over computers have become such ubiquitous parts of our lives that most people have some sort of social media site set up for their kids. They may have, for instance, a profile on Facebook that is all their own and that the use to post things about themselves, connect with their family and do all of the things that everyone else does on these sites. Where kids are concerned, however, there are some particular security issues that you do need to worry about. Keeping…

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social media disadvantages Social Media Social Networking 

Why You Shouldn’t Push Social Media on Your Site

Social media can be a great boon to your website. It could drive additional traffic which could lead to greater revenue, or it could be used to get a message out to a large number of people. However, there is a line that should be drawn when adding social media content to your website. Too much of a good thing could actually be quite detrimental to the well-being of your site. Instead of helping generate traffic, it could wind up driving traffic away.  1. Coding – Sometimes, code you add…

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new-twitter-redesign-changes Social Media Twitter 

What Does the New Twitter Redesign Mean for Profiles?

With the recent increase in focus on social media for both individuals and small businesses, even slight changes in profile design make big waves throughout tech blogs across the Internet. The recent redesign announced by Twitter was no different, sending the blogosphere in a frenzy to analyze the changes and evaluate their marketing worth. A few of the changes will be major, while others will be minor in the big scheme of social media. A few of the more prominent changes you need to know about include; New Twitter Profile…

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Facebook How-To Guides Privacy and Security Social Media Tips and Tricks 

‘Facebook’ account at risk – Keep it safe from hackers

The well-known social networking website “Facebook” is extremely famous and popular among masses, hence it needs no introduction. Each one of us has an account on facebook and connected to our dearest friends, relatives, associates with whom we share our personal information. Adding our private info, uploading videos or photos on our wall adds to the privacy concern and fear of “social spam”. So, it’s quite essential to understand who you authorize to view your posted information. Tips and tricks to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers You just need…

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Blogging Case Study Mashable Social Media Success Stories Success Story–From Bedroom Blog to $200 M Company

Mashable, founded in 2005,  is a site that covers and aggregates news related to Social Media. However, not many people know that was founded and started by its founder Pete Cashmore from his bedroom as something to pass the time and kill the boredom. Little did he know that this time pass will soon become a full fledged venture and will make him one of the most wealthiest person of the world. As per recent speculations in the media, US news giant CNN has shown interest in buying…

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