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How to Write Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-focused Web Content

Getting more internet users to visit your blog/website is beneficial for you. If your blog garners popularity, you can look to monetize it. Contextual advertising and other forms of online advertisements on your blog can help you make money from it. But, diverting more internet traffic to your blog requires you to write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly content. SEO is all about writing content in a manner such that search engines are able to pick up your website so that it appears in the top search results of these…

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White Hat Advantages Over Black Hat in SEO

There has been a great debacle in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) communities about importance of white hat and disadvantages of black hat techniques. But only a few suggest you the bottom line advantages. Read on to learn about the major advantages White Hat SEO tactics can bring into your organization.   1.    White Hat tactics are more reader-friendly When a professional is ready to wear white hat, he’s probably also prepared to do the hard work.  He will study the whole aspect of the SEO process and proceed with utmost…

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Have Fun with Blogging and Watch Money Starts Flowing

Blogging is a real fun only if you allow it to be. But most of us don’t really experience it when the reasons like “money making” takes over and we lose all the fun. In fact, we lose a lot more money as well instead of earning any. If you get time, just try to do some Google search and research on this. There is not just one or two but many examples of bloggers who have been making huge amount of money. Try to find the facts on how…

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Discard Keyword Tools to Get Killer Post Ideas:SEO

Are you also one of those blogger who uses keyword research tools quite regularly, still don’t get that keyword idea to draw just good number of people to your site and blog. You are not alone. There are many like you who have been facing the similar issues and problem. So, what’s the issue and how do we find any other method which can be either equally good or even better than the regular keyword research tools. I am not trying to prove any thing against keyword research tools nor…

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Thesis Theme Helped Increase Traffic by 525% [SEO]

Well the good news is that I have witnessed an enormous increase in traffic to my site. This happened because of nothing else but using the wordpress Thesis theme. If you could see my recent google analytics, you can very well see that steep increase of traffic to my this blog. I have been able to increase the traffic by a good more than 525% in short span of time. Thesis theme helped me to a larger extent in making my blog a high traffic one. Traffic is something which…

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