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5 iPhone Apps That Are Actually Useful

I’m thrilled to be sharing this article on hacktik.com. It is a great source of information for all things technology. I particularly enjoyed this article about how to protect your iPhone from hackers. Selecting useful applications from the App Store for your iPhone has its pitfalls. You could spend hours overwhelming intimidated by the vast selection when you should be spending that time using them. While a vast selection of apps sounds like a blessing, many apps are designed by amateurs and provide useless utility. You waste a buck on an app that amuses you…

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Lifestyle Apps Worth Downloading for iOS Users

Some would argue life has gotten tougher over the years while some feel that with the advent of technology life has become simpler. True, life has become tougher in terms of working hours, pressure, rising social expectations etc. but it is also true that technology has helped simplify most of life’s activities today. Here are a few lifestyle apps for iOS users to make your iPhone and iPad your little minion using it to perform everyday tasks seamlessly thanks to these apps: Tinder Tinder is a great social app that…

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Mobile App to Create Poems Through Text and Pictures

HaikuJAM is the name of a new mobile app using which brings the poet out of you. This app enables three people to create poems together using text and pictures. Users of HaikuJAM app can JAM with not only their friends but with strangers around the world. You can create groups of people with similar interest in poetry. Some of the nice features of this one of its kind mobile app – HaikuJAM are; View profiles of people. Create groups with friends and strangers with similar poetry interests. JAM with…

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App to Send an Email even When You Don’t Have an Email Id of the Recipient

You have been communicating via emails and instant messaging (like whatsapp, hike etc.) for a long time now. So, you know that to communicate via email with some one you need to know the email id of the recipient and similarly, for instant messaging, you need to know the mobile number. How about sending an email without knowing the email address of the recipient? Yes, there is an App which can help you with this. NoMyId – Mobile App to Send an Email To a Mobile Number Mobile app named NoMyId…

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App to Delete The Sent Messages from Receiver’s Phone

Many users often regret about some sent message, pic, video or conversation which they think they should not have sent. But they could not do anything about it because once you send a message out and it reaches your recipient’s device, you can not control it. RakEM Mobile App – Delete Sent Messages A new App that has been launched now enables you to delete the sent message not only from your own phone but from your friend’s phone as well. The App named as RakEM by Raketu communications has…

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