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Top 3 Android Apps to Monitor Kids Online

Statistically shown, internet has proven to be a seriously dangerous arena for children. Parents are usually worried and would like to protect their children from the likes of:  Pornography  Sexual chat rooms  Harassment  Pedophiles  Meeting strange friends  Sharing explicit photographs Such and many other issues are regularly gone unnoticed by parents. But it’s not even their fault since how can they fix these issues when they are not even aware of them happening. This is where monitoring applications come in. some of these monitoring applications are specifically made…

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Lifestyle Apps Worth Downloading for iOS Users

Some would argue life has gotten tougher over the years while some feel that with the advent of technology life has become simpler. True, life has become tougher in terms of working hours, pressure, rising social expectations etc. but it is also true that technology has helped simplify most of life’s activities today. Here are a few lifestyle apps for iOS users to make your iPhone and iPad your little minion using it to perform everyday tasks seamlessly thanks to these apps: Tinder Tinder is a great social app that…

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Mobile App to Setup Reminder in Your Friends’ Phone

In this age of smartphones, setting reminders is not a difficult task. You can set alarms and reminders that can remind you for a particular event or an appointment. Now, it has become even possible to setup reminders not only for yourself but for your friends as well. With Ring-a-bell app, you can setup alarms and reminders direclty in your friends’s phones. Though, your friend must also be a Ring-a-bell app user for this to function. However, if they are not then they will get an SMS with a link…

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Matchify – Women Centric Dating Mobile App

There is no dearth of dating apps and websites these days, Privacy and security is the common concern with most of these apps. Specially, when it comes to women users, most of the dating apps fails to attract them. This is where the new app Matchify stands out. The new dating and match making app Matchify is specially designed for women users. It has 100% mobile verified authentic profiles with additional option to hide your profile and shorten your name. Also read: Hinge – Find a Date through Facebook mutual…

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Mobile App to Calculate Tax and Track Income Tax Refunds

Good news for people who have been looking for a mobile app to track their income tax refunds in India. Now they can do it with myITreturn app which has been launched by, India’s leading e-filing website. Some of the most exciting and helpful features of the mobile app are; The app myITreturn is secured and requires a one time password (OTP) registration process. This app helps calculate tax payable for the current year and also gives a timeline for previous tax returns and refunds. Users can check status…

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