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Know 10 Great Features About Microsoft’s Phone-Laptop Hybrid

When Microsoft announced the launch of cross fusion of Phone and Laptops (Microsoft Phone-Tablet hybrid) with the hardware system with Windows 10, it definitely brings the curiosity within the laptop and mobile users to know in detail the new features and great things offered by Microsoft. Hence, we take the initiative to help you with all the great things you can use with Windows 10 on the phone which you only thought using it on laptops. Here is the most notable new Windows 10 features for Phones (Smartphones): 1. Synchronization of…

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Personalized touch of windows 10 Microsoft Windows 

15 Great Features to Look for in Windows 10

We have entered the crazy and weird days. Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Windows 9, which in reality will be known as Windows 10. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows XP Killer to specify is going to bring a whole lot of new features like never before. While talking about its insane naming system, as per the company, Windows 9 name wouldn’t justify if given to the new One Microsoft internal strategy. Hence, they had no choice but to opt for Windows 10. The upcoming Windows 10 here means it is…

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Microsoft Tech News Windows 

Windows 10: The Surprise Package for Window users

Microsoft has finally unveiled the future of Windows. Not Windows 9 as expected but it will be named Windows 10. It will definitely be a treat for all the users who aren’t willing to give up on Windows 7 and windows 8. Lets take the opportunity to explore the new OS with some interesting improvements waiting for its launch next year. Most attractive of all is the Start Menu in Windows 10: It’s a happy times for the desktop users, as the start menu is more familiar unlike seen on…

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microsoft-office-apps-for-android Android Apps Google Play Microsoft 

After Windows, Microsoft Office Now Available for Android

Everybody is aware about Microsoft office on PC.  Users use Microsoft office on their computers and it is not possible to dream a computer operating efficiently without Microsoft office as long as it is an mac operating Apple computer.  Microsoft has introduced its office version for android phones.  It is one of the many example which shows increasing popularity of Android operating system. Review of Microsoft office for Android First of all it is not free.  By the way there is no free lunch in this world. It comes with…

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Microsoft Windows Windows 8 

The Friday Funda: Will Windows Blue beat the blues?

The latest version of Microsoft’s recognized operating system Windows (Windows 8) is yet to win the hearts of users and the Bill Gates enterprise’s Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue, the successor to Windows 8 is in the news. Windows Blue, officially named Windows 8.1 will be available for a ‘zero price’ download from the Windows Store this year, with a public preview scheduled for a June 26 release at Microsoft’s Build conference. The restructured version will give the operating system touch and appearance of previous versions of OS. Features –…

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