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000WebHost – Best Free Web Hosting with No Hidden Cost (Review)

000WebHost is indeed a Free Web Host powered by Hostinger. Don’t simply believe our words – just google search “free web hosting” or “best free web hosting” and you will find 000WebHost appears in top most search results. High Google Ranking is not a joke – if you know even a bit of SEO, then you would know how difficult for any company to get to the top Google rankings. But, its just not it being Free that gives it so much attention, it does provides loads of features (yes,…

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Which Android Apps that Drain Battery the Most?

When it comes to Android smartphones, it is not always the phone usage that drains the battery. Many times, there are some apps which are culprits and drains the battery like anything. Many of these apps are pre-installed android apps that comes built-in when you buy your smartphone. However, there are many others that you install and use later that also leads to drainage of the battery. Among these, Facebook is one of the app that drains the battery in Android phones. It also appears in making the highest performance…

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Windows 10: The Surprise Package for Window users

Microsoft has finally unveiled the future of Windows. Not Windows 9 as expected but it will be named Windows 10. It will definitely be a treat for all the users who aren’t willing to give up on Windows 7 and windows 8. Lets take the opportunity to explore the new OS with some interesting improvements waiting for its launch next year. Most attractive of all is the Start Menu in Windows 10: It’s a happy times for the desktop users, as the start menu is more familiar unlike seen on…

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Smartur Mangalyaan App to Click a Selfie with Indian Mangalyaan

As India’s historical Mars Orbiter Mission, which will enter its last lap on the September 24th that is after two days a Hyderabad guy named Neeraj Jewalkar has created a much easy way as a 3D application known as the Smartur Mangalyaan Application. This is the best way to create awareness about the mission what it is and how will it look with the help of three dimensional view of the spacecraft and rocket launcher to be seen. The technology used is known as the augmented reality, which will help…

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Enjoy the Free WiFi in Delhi’s Khan Market and CP areas

In the world where Internet has taken the place of everything, even god in some human minds, it has become next to most needed in the priority list of the people. Today almost everything is worked under the Internet world be it in any sector we count on. Khan Market and CP to Get Free WiFi With such a scenario prevailing in the country, the New Delhi Municipal Council has finally taken up the project of Wi-Fi in the Khan Market area becoming the first area in the capital city…

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