Huge Numbers of Cyber Attacks Originate in China Internet Security ISP Tech News 

Studies Show Huge Numbers of Cyber Attacks Originate in China

In February, a report was released by a security company called Mandian that proved that a majority of the hacking and stealing of information happening within the United States is originating in China. Not just anywhere in China, though. The group managed to find and track the IP addresses of the hacking to a group within the Chinese Military, called Unit 61398. Mandian has code named Unit 61398 “APT1” which stands for Advanced Persistent Threat 1. The primary targets of APT1? Government information and corporations that help the US government manage…

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Airtel Launches Fastest Wireless Internet 4G LTE with Cash Back Offer

India’s leading telecom service provider Airtel has launched the fastest wireless internet connectivity with 4G LTE . As of now, the service has been launched in Pune. This gives the super fast connectivity and solves issues like slow streaming of videos and games. The fourth generation i.e. 4G is a successor to the second (2G) and third generation (3G) which are already available in wireless internet connectivity. For the limited time, Airtel is giving away 4G LTE with best benefit plans and cash back offers. Some of the exciting features…

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Play Unlimited with MTS MBlaze’s Games on Demand Service

MTS has launched an online gaming service for its MBlaze customers which allows them to play unlimited by paying a fixed monthly subscription amount. The service which is named as MTS Games On Demand (GoD) has more than 350 games in its package. There are different plans and packages to choose from with minimum plan starting at Rs. 49 per month for 30 games pack. Play Unlimited with MTS Mblaze Games on Demand Service The selection of the games can be made from different categories like Action, Educational, Sports, Racing,…

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email and facebook security tips Computer Security Facebook Internet Privacy and Security Tips and Tricks 

Email and Facebook Security Tips – Prevent Hackers from Spoiling Your Life

‘Life without computers’ cannot be thought of in the recent times. There is no individual who spends a day without browsing through the Facebook or checking his personal email account. Security is a common term associated with computers, especially when you are browsing the internet. The vast web world is the home for multiple threats and hackers. So, be very cautious when you are surfing the internet. Do these minimum things, if you like to prevent the hackers from wrecking your life. Though these do not entail complete security, yet…

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Secured Google Search with all new Firefox 14

The all new Firefox 14 released by Mozilla, this latest version will enhance the security for Google search. The major change in Firefox is that now it will only run the HTTPs for all Google searches. This feature will make your searches secured especially when you are on a public network, the improved site identity manager will stop spoofing of SSL connection with favorite icons. This will increase internet security by helping users to avoid malicious websites that try to get important information. Mozilla Firefox 14 – Secured Google Search…

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