iphone-data-loss-and-recover Infographic 

iPhone Data Loss and Recovery [Infographic]

The below inforgraphic provides the primary reasons for data losses in iPhone and their recovery methods. Quite interestingly, data loss due to virus attack is quite minimal with just 5% of them getting affected. The foremost reason is the accidental deletion followed by physical damage to the iPhone. Now, data recovery obviously, could be the most desired by iPhone users if there are such a high % of people who are losing it because of their own mistake. Needless to say, that the data type which is severely affected is…

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The Second Screen Phenomenon – How Smartphone Changed TV.

We love our gadgets, but it seems they’re affecting our attention spans. Studies show that since the year 2000, when the mobile revolution began, our attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to just eight. Congratulations, humankind; you can’t even focus for as long as a goldfish! You could dwell on this sad state of affairs of course, or you could just be glad you’ve got second screens to amuse you when your attention wavers. It seems most of the things we’re doing on our second screens aren’t related to…

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Infographic on Valentine’s Day which connects the theme of love, friendship & technology

Here is an interesting infographic on Valentine’s Day (put together by Mobistealth.com) depicting how the theme of the day i.e. Love is connected with technology. Be, it searching the best gift for your valentine to finding the best restaurant in the town to take her/him out, technology helps in everything these days. As a matter of fact, as this infographic also mentions, around 13.19 Billion dollars are spent in US alone for the Valentine’s day. Most people tend to see the web trends to decide about the gift and other…

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Computer Networking Infographic Internet IP Address Virus and AntiVirus 

Country-wise Map of DNS Changer Malware Infection– US & Italy Leads

Shadowserver.org has created a word map showing country-wise DNS changer malware infections. The map has all the country names which have the infected computers due to this malware. The bigger the name of the country on the map, the larger is the infected computers. Looking at the map, it is clearly visible that US, Italy, Germany, India & UK are the top five most infected countries due to the DNS malware. Country-wise Map & Geo Movie Video of DNS Changer Malware Infection Shadowserver team has also released a movie video…

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Facebook Infographic 

70% Used Facebook to Flirt [Infographic]

A survey conducted on 3000 people revealed that more than 70% people have used Facebook to flirt. The number of people surveyed comprised of 50% of women as well. The survey was conducted to know about how what users use the Facebook for. The results of the survey has been depicted in the below shown infographic. Almost 24% of these users hide their actual relationship status so as to flirt easily. A large number of people even don’t hesitate to send a friend request to a complete stranger on Facebook…

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