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Complete Guide to Making Money with Google Adsense

As a blogger or webmaster, every one’s dream is to make money online via Google adsense and/or other pay per click programs. However, out of all the pay per click programs available, Google adsense is the most popular one.  Not only it is because of the Google but also because it is most widely suited for all the bloggers and webmasters. With the passage of time, sign-up with Google adsense program is getting more and more difficult. It is because of strict guidelines, terms and conditions. Google no longer accepts…

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Surviving Google updates – Staying on Top

Staying on top of Google’s constant revisions, updates and enhancements can be difficult, but keep your eye on the customer and you’ll be OK. If you’re in any way involved in SEO, it’s clear that making a high-ranking page in 2013 requires a very different approach to what you might have done in, say, 2005. Taken individually, Google’s innovations look incremental, but with a long view we can see a clear direction in what the search giant will be looking for in 2014 and beyond. Stuck inside Google The first big step away from simple…

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Top 15 Best Funny Applications for Android Phone

How about having some enjoyment with free Best funny applications for android phones ? There are many great fun applications in android phone, which are funny and entertaining at the same time. So, are you aware of those applications yet? Well, if not then read on to know more about the top funny applications for android. Some of these funny android applications could be paid but still worth for money. Using these funny android apps, you could make yourself and your friends enjoy by playing with images, maths tricks, get to read funny facts,…

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Google’s New App -‘Scanning is always available’

The latest news from Google that is coming in is that Google has now developed an application that enables you to scan for networks even when the Wi Fi is switched off. The latest technology developed by Google has been named as ‘SCANING ALWAYS AVAILABLE’. This technology has been developed to ‘Improve location accuracy and for other purposes’ and has been integrated into Andriod 4.3.So when next time you pick up a Google Android phone you will probably get tracked by Google all the time. HOW DOES “Scanning-Always-Available” WORK? It…

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Motorola and Google are set to launch their new freak the ‘MOTOROLA MOTO X’

When the market is ruled by the smart phones like iPhone5, HTC One and Samsung, Motorola is all set to introduce its new invention the ‘MOTOROLA MOTO X’. It hadn’t been possible if Google hadn’t invested 12.5 billion dollar for Motorola. Equipped with ample of striking features along with its slim and trim model, this smart phone is sure to make its own space amidst the other giants in the market. It comes with 4.7 inches of display with a resolution of 720p along with 10 megapixel clear pixel camera…

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