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Blogging Tips: Full Time vs Part Time Comparison

Once you have made up your mind to start blogging and have your own blog, the next million dollar question, you may start losing your sleep over – Should I take up blogging full time or part time? Is it the right time to get into full time blogging? This is the most important question to be answered which can either make your life or may even break it. Hence, one should pay much more attention and do some analysis of your current situation and circumstances before arriving at some…

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Facebook: An Empire Built by Mark Zuckerberg Based on Stolen Idea?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of the social networking giant, Facebook has taken it from a mere one college’s social network to complete global social networking site. With more than 500 million subscribers joined already and thousands joining everyday speaks itself for the popularity of Facebook and making it the largest single social networking site all over the world. However, not many people know the real story of how Facebook was founded amid various controversies. One of the main controversy being – Did Mark steal the idea from his classmates,…

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What is adchoices Label on Adsense and Other Ads

If you have noticed the Google adsense ads on your site or other sites lately and have been wondering about this new label that says “Adchoices” instead of regular “i” icon or text “Ads by Google”, then let me assure you that your blog or site has not been hacked by anyone. Then what is this new label, you might wonder? It is not even a new advertising company who has started pushing ads to your site and blog without your permission. This is just the result of adopting an…

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Delhi University (DU) Launches Facebook Page as Admission Process Begins

Now, with the class XII results are out, students from Delhi and other states as well have already started feeling the bouts of anxiety and stress to decide about their next step in seeking admission to various colleges in Delhi University. The University of Delhi or DU as it is commonly known, came into existence in 1922 with just 3 college and 700+ students. Today, Delhi University is proud to be among world’s largest universities with 150000 regular and 250000 distance learning students in its 77 colleges. However, as the…

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Osama Bin Laden is Alive Again – Grab Your Chance to Kill him !

You may be wondering what osama is doing in this technology blog. What link does osama and technology has? Of course there has been a strong linkage between osama and the way technology has been used to capture and kill him in his compound only. Further more, Al Qaeda, the big terrorist group which was led by Osama had been (mis)using technology to the fullest possible extent in whatever mission they have accomplished. We still remember 9/11 attack. ! Don’t we? Well, Osama is the topic which has been bothering…

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