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Top 15 Best Funny Applications for Android Phone

How about having some enjoyment with free Best funny applications for android phones ? There are many great fun applications in android phone, which are funny and entertaining at the same time. So, are you aware of those applications yet? Well, if not then read on to know more about the top funny applications for android. Some of these funny android applications could be paid but still worth for money. Using these funny android apps, you could make yourself and your friends enjoy by playing with images, maths tricks, get to read funny facts,…

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Top 10 Free Live Wallpapers From The Android Market

Wallpapers help to make your phone look alive. There are many live and animated types of wallpapers in android to choose from. Live wallpapers are available in free and paid versions. Many people are not aware of live wallpapers. Today, we will list out some very popular live wallpapers that can be downloaded from the android market. Live wallpapers can also be selected based on theme or preference. With go launcher, there are many to choose from. Top 10 free live wallpapers from the android market: Sun rise wallpaper: If…

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Feedie App to Share not just the Pics but the real Food itself

Most of you are fond of clicking and sharing pictures of food on social networks like Facebook etc. Now, you will be more delighted to do the same because it will now have a cause attached. The cause is to feed the hungry poor people. Yes, that’s what the whole objective behind Feedie mobile app which is an initiative of The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a daily meal for disadvantaged and at-risk schoolchildren in South Africa. We’re the Feedies. Our table is the world. You’re welcome…

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Lose Weight and Stay Fit with the Help of Android Mobile Apps

Want to reduce your weight, do you have time for the same? Can you afford to join a gym? Do you have sufficient time to go for a gym? Though, to be in shape, stay fit, stay active and healthy have always been the first priority of many, specially girls, but in today’s fast growing life where you hardly have time for yourself, it’s really difficult to opt for a gym or go on dieting mode. It’s good to follow a healthy diet but make sure it doesn’t affect your health…

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Share your Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers

Do you belong to that category of people who use more than one computers /laptops. If yes, then, now you can control all the computers with just one set of keyboard and mouse. However, the maximum number of computers that can be controlled using one keyboard and mouse is just four. Still, enough for most of people. Mouse without Borders is the software by Microsoft that does help you with this. The software has been developed by Microsoft as a side project and is an initiative of Microsoft Garage project.…

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