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FB Offers: How to Make Money From Your Facebook Page.

Are you a person who is very active on Facebook? Do you own a Facebook page that has a good number of likes or fans? If yes, then you can easily convert your Facebook fans into money. We are not talking about any make money or get rich soon like scams. What we are talking about here is the legitimate way to make money from your Facebook page. To make money from Facebook page, you only need to spend time and effort. We are here to explain you about making…

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'Facebook At Work' to let you chat with colleagues soon Facebook 

‘Facebook At Work’ to let you chat with colleagues soon

Not allowed to use Facebook at work? That may change in near future as Facebook at Work – designed specifically for communicating with colleagues – comes along. The tool has been in beta since January, but the pilot programme is ending, and the company is likely to launch a freemium version of the interoffice network by the end of the year, Re/code reported project head Julien Codorniou as saying. Facebook has been using a version of Facebook at Work internally for years. More than 100 companies are using Facebook at…

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facebook-on-this-day Facebook 

Facebook Launches “On This Day” To Know What You Did in the Past

Most of us are aware of “On This Day” type of websites that informs you about what particular historical event happened on that day in the past. For example, like, birth of some famous world personality or start of some major revolution or just any other event of big historical significance. Now, Facebook has launched your personal “On This Day” feature which will let you look into the past to see what you did on the same day, a year ago or two years ago. So, it will allow you…

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How to Download Photo Albums of your Facebook Friends [Video Tutorial]

You always wanted to download the complete photo albums from your own Facebook account or that of your Facebook friends. Here is a video tutorial that explains the complete download process using a software. This saves the time and effort that would have gone wasted in the manual download. Moreover, using a manual download, you can not download such a huge number of photos. But with Photograbber it is very easy and quick. Check out the video tutorial below to know how to download and use Photograbber to download photo…

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facebook-news-reader-service-for-mobile.jpg Facebook Tech News 

Google Closes, Facebook Picks up News Reader Service

It has just been few days when Google shut down its famous Reader service and left many of its fans disappointed. Facebook took a notice of the same and saw a potential of generating a new revenue stream and hence starts working on a News reader service for its mobile users. However, as per Facebook it is not because of the facts that Google reader shuts down but they have already been working on this product for over an year now to add to its mobile offering. Reportedly, Facebook has…

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