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Comparison between Cheapest 3G Tablet PCs in India

Some time back, we had informed you about Chinese mobile giant G’Five’s plan to launch a cheap tablet PC in India (price less than Rs. 10000). Subsequent to that news, there has been a rush of not just cheap but cheapest best tablet PC in India. These Android based 3G cheapest tablet PCs have been launched by different company and range from around Rs. 4500 ($99) to Rs. 15999 ($340). However, they do vary in terms in technical specifications, features and company’s existing reputation and size. The cheapest of the lot…

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Things Iphone can’t do but Android phones can

For the people who think iPhone is the one, iPhone is the best and if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, there is news for you now.  Gone are the days when iPhone was a style statement or when if you had an iPhone you were seen with the eyes of envy. Android Vs iPhone features There are some features iPhone doesn’t support but android does. Because of which the percentage of people not using iPhone is because of such reasons. Surprising right? How can a…

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iPad vs Google nexus 7 Apple Comparisons Gadgets Google Smartphones 

Comparison of Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini

Launch of Google Nexus 7 tablet has given rise of one more question which is about its comparison with Apple.  Users can have a look on both the devices.  iPad mini and Google Nexus 7 offers a great deal of advantages over each other and they are in a fierce competition. The iPad Mini has some comparative advantages over Google Nexus 7.  It has 7.2 mm thickness which is thinner than google nexus 7.  Nexus 7 has 8.65 mm thickness.  However if we look on heavier side google nexus weight…

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android-vs-iOS-comparison Comparisons 

Android Vs iOS Comparison on Various Factors

When it comes to Android it is now the world’s most used Smartphone platform.   Thanks to all mobile manufactures off course some credit goes to IOS which can only be used on iPhone or apple devices.  It means you have to buy the phone to buy the Platform.  By the way real apples are very costlier too. Cost Comparison Android Vs IOS A person can enjoy Android by paying INR 3,000 and more but to experience an IOS you really need to empty your pocket.  Many times 2 months of middle…

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samsung-galaxy-s3-vs-s2 Comparisons Gadgets Smartphones 

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus Samsung Galaxy S2 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S2 was the last flagship device of Samsung, the world largest mobile phone manufacturer. The company’s most recent smart phone launch is in the form of Samsung Galaxy S3, a handset which offers more features than its predecessor device. We take a close look at the specifications and features of the two handsets and see what distinguishes them apart. Shape and size- the dimensions Both the handsets are elegant in their designing with the Samsung Galaxy S3 measuring a bit more than Samsung Galaxy S2. S2’s dimensions are…

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