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Starting Your Own Blog an Easy Way

If you are interested in blogging and want to have a blog of your own but don’t know how to go about then we have a solution. To get into blogging, you need not be a technical expert person. Even a layman can create his/her blog without getting into any technicalities or coding. There are two things that has made it easy these day for everyone to get into blogging. These two things are – WordPress and a Readymade WordPress Theme. WordPress and Readymade WP Theme for Layman or First-Time…

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Increase Traffic on Your How-to Blog

If you write a how-to blog, you already know that you have a lot of competition from other bloggers, especially since many of them post instructional videos online. There are some ways, though, that you can increase the traffic on your blog and make it the first place your readers go for information. Whether your blog focuses on auto repair, computer solutions, cooking, or shopping, you can reach more people with your information by making it accessible on mobile devices. Especially since many people may use a smartphone or tablet…

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How to maintain originality of content online?

Content forms the entire structure of a website. It gives the information either through text matter or in the form of pictures or both. Content enables in communicating the relevancy, reliability and usefulness of the information, that the portal trying to convey to its users. Often we get fantasized towards many portals from their attractive presentation on the home page. But as we travel through the website, we may soon lose interest either due to the repetitive content or not so informative content. A good content should focus on what…

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Starting a First Blog–Do it With Hostgator. Why?

We are considering here a self-hosted blog and not the ones which people create on free blogging platform. If you have made up your mind to have a self-hosted blog, then am sure, you would also know the drawbacks of the ones created on free platforms like blogspot etc. Hostgator Web Hosting – A Must for Self-Hosted Blogs So, if  you are staring with your first ever self-hosted blog, then after booking the domain, first thing you need is a server space. Obviously, since you are a new blogger, so…

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Best Paid WordPress Themes for Technology Blog

You have decided to start a Technology blog and want to write about gadgets like smartphones and tablets as well mobile apps. Now, you have heard a lot about wordpress as being the best blogging platform but still have doubts weather it will provide any additional benefits for your new technology blog. Earlier, we explained about how WordPress has loads of best readymade themes to choose from which reduces the time to launch the blog – Thanks to all the complex functionality code has already been taken care of within…

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