How to Call Without Balance from your Prepaid Mobile

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zero balance service idea vodafone airtel reliance aircel tataMost of Indian telecom operators (Idea, Airtel, Vodafone etc) have started introducing call with zero balance services. This zero balance service is for the benefit of prepaid customers to make emergency calls even in case of low balance or zero balance. This is made possible either by giving out a small emergency balance to zero balance customers or by enabling them to get the recharge amount transferred or gifted by their friends. However, this service comes with a nominal charge which varies from operator to operator. Moreover, not every mobile operator has launched this zero balance service everywhere or in every circle. For example, recently introduced zero balance service by Idea has been launched for the prepaid customers in Maharashtra and Goa. So, please do check with your operator if the service is available in your city or not.

Call Without Balance – Emergency Dialling Service by Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular has launched the service by the name “idea Lifeline” which enables the prepaid customers to call without balance. This emergency dialling service by Idea is available for the prepaid customers in Maharashtra and without balance on idea cellular network

How to Make Calls with Zero Balance on Idea Network

To avail this service, simple dial 53567 (Toll Free) from your Idea prepaid mobile phone and Rs. 3 Talk time will be instantly credited to your prepaid account. This amount will be adjusted along with a nominal charge whenever you do a next recharge or top-up.

Only customers who have been using Idea network for at least 90 days can avail of this emergency dialling service to make calls without balance.

Dial with Zero Balance on Airtel  – “Call Me Back” Airtel Emergency Recharge

Airtel prepaid customers can also dial with zero balance. This service comes with a name “Call Me Back” from airtel which enables airtel prepaid customers to gift and share talk time with their friends. This is also known to be Airtel Emergency Recharge service.

How to Use Airtel’s Share or Gift Talk Time Service [Call Me Back /Emergency Recharge]

call me back emergency recharge airtelWhen you run out of balance, simple send an emergency “Call me BackSMS from your Airtel prepaid to your friends. To use the Airtel Emergency Recharge service, you simple need to dial *141# to gift packs and share talk time with your friends. Using this number will enable you to send up to 5 emergency “Call Me Back” SMS per month free of cost. This is when you have no balance to make a missed call even.

Balance Transfer in case of Zero Balance on Vodafone Network

Vodafone has a Balance Transfer service which allows the Vodafone prepaid customers to transfer the balance or recharge amount to another Vodafone prepaid customer within same circle. So, for example, a Vodafone prepaid customer in Delhi-NCR can transfer the balance to another Vodafone prepaid customer within Delhi-NCR only (registration location of the number should be same, not the physical location at that time).

balance transfer service on vodafone prepaid mobile

How to Make Balance Transfer from Vodafone to Vodafone Prepaid Number

If you want to donate the balance to one of your friends with Vodafone prepaid, then as a donor you need to dial;

*131*<MRP>*<Receiver number>#

For example.


If you want to request for a balance transfer from another Vodafone number, then you need to dial;

*132*<MRP>*<Receiver number>#

For example.


The requests can be send any number of times in a day without any charges or cost.

There will be a nominal charge involved for availing this service which is as follows;

Amount Transferred
Processing Fee
Rs. 5- Rs. 9 Rs. 1
Rs. 10 – Rs. 24 Rs. 2
Rs. 25-Rs. 30 Rs. 3
  • The amount can be transferred only between Vodafone to Vodafone numbers excluding Retailers and Resellers numbers.
  • Both, donor and receiver should have an active Vodafone numbers at the time of transfer.
  • As a donor, you should have completed at least 90 days on Vodafone network to make a transfer and as a receiver, you should have completed at least 30 days to receive a balance from another vodafone number.
  • As a donor, you can send out a balance only once a day whereas a receiver can receive balance up to three times a day.

Aircel Balance Transfer Service

Please note, as of now there is no service from Aircel available to make the balance transfer to another Aircel number or to make emergency dialling in case of zero or low balance. There is a trick that has been floating around on web which talks about using or dialling *122*666# number from your aircel number to get a balance transfer. This is fake trick and doesn’t work at all. Nor, company Aircel has any mention of any such trick or service on their website.

So, please refrain from following any such fake tricks.

We will be adding more such emergency dialling or call with zero balance service by other telecom operators as well as and when these get launched.

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