Bookmarking Site Pinterest is Top Women Traffic Driver to Retailers

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New Social Bookmarking site Pinterest has become the top women traffic driver to many top retailers. Pinterest was launched two years back but it gained much of publicity (mostly through word of mouth) during second half of 2011. Pinterest is kind of online bulletin boards which allows you to create “Pinboards” using “Pin It” for favourite images and links. The categories like food, home decoration, wedding planning, apparel retailers have been able to attract traffic which is more than 58% women only. Such high volume of women traffic has been of special interest to advertisers, brands and retailers. Currently, site is invitation based which means you will need any invite to create an account on Pinterest and start using it.

[Infographic] New Bookmarking Network Pinterest is Top Women Traffic Driver to Retailers

The above facts have been put together in the form of an inforgraphic by Monetate.



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