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Blogging Tips: Full Time vs Part Time Comparison

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Once you have made up your mind to start blogging and have your own blog, the next million dollar question, you may start losing your sleep over – Should I take up blogging full time or part time? Is it the right time to get into full time blogging? This is the most important question to be answered which can either make your life or may even break it. Hence, one should pay much more attention and do some analysis of your current situation and circumstances before arriving at some final decision. I am no way recommending you not to be a blogger or not to have your own blog, if you so desire. What I am trying to emphasize here is that full time blogging is not for everyone and there are certain points to keep in mind when you are trying to make up your mind in deciding to take up blogging full time. So what are those specific blogging tips, let us try to understand. However, if you are wanting to take up blogging only part time, then there may be nothing much to worry about.

blogging tips full time vs part time

Financial Condition  (Blogging Tips – Full Time vs Part Time)

This is very important blogging tip. Money is the first thing which bothers everyone in this materialistic world and it is of course single most important tool required to survive. There is nothing wrong if you have monetary expectations out of your blog or to say, you want to make a living out of it. But the fact is not every blogger is able to achieve that. Or I will not be wrong even if I say that majority of bloggers are those who don’t ever make any money out of it. Hence, the bottom line here is if your or your family’s financial conditions are not so good, full time blogging is a big NO.

When you have completed studies and about to start your career

This is the second most important factor to consider while taking up blogging full time. Here I am taking about the time when you already completed your academic goals, for example, you have finished with your engineering, MBA, Graduation, Post graduation. Obviously, after completing the studies, getting the right job is the next high priority matter. If you are not able to start your professional career soon after completing your studies, then it only keep getting more tougher. Most of the good big companies and MNC have a policy of not taking candidates if they have a big gaps after the education or anywhere in their career. So at this juncture, thinking of taking up blogging full time may prove out to be a wrong and fatal decision for your career. Blogging is your own child and you can still start this as and when you like and at whatever age and stage in your life. So risking your full time career because of this at such a crucial stage is strictly not recommended. On the contrary, had you started blogging while you were still studying would have been a best thing to do. This is because, by the end of your college, you would already experienced all the positive and negatives of blogging and would be in a far better position to make your decision.

Only exception to this rule could be the case where in suppose, you belong to a financially rich family, having own business already and doing a job is not a matter for you.

Subject Knowledge for Blogging Full Time vs Part Time

Blogging is all about writing very informative, enlightening, interesting and useful articles on he subject you know most or have expertise on. Generally, what most of bloggers prefers to write on is

(1)  either the topic related to their academics,

(2) or the topic related to their professional experience.

(3) or the topic which is their hobby, personal interest etc

In any case, however, the most crucial part is to have an excellent knowledge about the subject you plan to write on. Often, there are people interested in blogging but don’t have a good enough knowledge about any subject as such. Remember, being interested is one thing and be able to write on something is another. So, don’t confuse your personal interest with your knowledge always. Taking up blogging full time in such cases can be quite fatal as soon you will feel yourself out of words and it will become quite a task for you to keep your blog alive for long.

When money is high on your mind

As I mentioned earlier, that aiming for money is not at all bad. However,aiming at making money fast is. You want to make money out of blogging and expect it to happen so soon, then you may be on wrong track. And at this stage, if you get into blogging full time without any other income source in hand may be the worst decision. Soon, you will start feeling frustrated and quite de-motivating when you get to face the reality of blogging. To make a good money out of blogging, you have to buy yourself an ample amount of time. Remember, even making money out of your job takes quite a long of time as you get a job only after you would have completed so many years of studies and training (schooling, college).

When you are already making a good earning

This is the last blogging tip but not the least, when you should never think about taking up blogging full time vs part time. Here, I am referring to a case when you are already into some full time job or business and making a good amount of money. Leaving all that suddenly and taking up full time blogging afresh will make you starve for money only. It may adversely impact you financially and may not be good for yourself or your family. It would be even worst if you are married and have kids. Again, only exception here is some one who already has been able to make and saved so much money that leaving the regular earning doesn’t matter as such. However, one should still analyze all the liabilities and expenses financials before making the final decision.

The purpose of the above blogging tips was to highlight the real side of blogging and not to de-motivate any one from taking up blogging. I reiterate that even if you belong to any of the above case, you can still consider taking up blogging part time instead of full time. Even generally speaking, starting blogging part time first to test the waters will always be a better option before taking up full time.

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