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Blogging: Top 5 Reasons Why It is an Ideal Profession for Housewives

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Women by their nature are supposed to be very talkative and expressive. One can find hundreds of jokes in circulation over the SMSs and internet regarding woman’s talkative nature. However, now there is another serious side to it as well which not many people (including, women themselves) pay much attention to. Blogging is all about expressing ourselves on whatever topic we know or we like to talk about. Then isn’t Blogging something, which could be the best profession for women and which is expected to be liked by them a lot over many other things. However, for simplicity I am considering housewives specifically in this post rather than working women. This is because career oriented working women is already into full time job and have more or less same constraints (as men) in leaving full time job to take up something like blogging.


Housewives can afford to spare time on blogging

Since, housewives mostly stay at home taking care of their home and kids, they probably will be in a better position to spare the time required to spend on something like blogging. Also, because they can easily take this up working from home without traveling any where. Since, most housewives these days have an easy access to computer and internet, it will be not that hard to find time to spend on something like blogging.

Absence of any pressure or expectations of making money

Well, be it by choice or by circumstances, housewives are generally not expected to bear any financial responsibilities at home. By this I mean, earning money or making money and not saving money out of their household expenses. In the absence of any financial expectations, they can blog easily without having any unrealistic expectation in terms of making money from this. This is very important because otherwise, in real life, majority of bloggers leave blogging after a while when they find it not meeting their financial expectations.

Freedom of expression

Again, as I mentioned earlier, a woman is supposed to be better in terms of expressing herself than a man. However, verbal expression is altogether different than a written expression. To express in writing, one should have a reasonable good knowledge of the language and vocabulary he/she is expressing. Blogging is all about expressing oneself, this is for sure, may get more favorable response from housewives (or woman in general). Only, if they could spend that little extra effort in refining their writing skills.

No big investment required

How often even housewives intend to contribute to household earning in terms of starting some home based biz these days. But it is hard to think of any small business which doesn’t require any financial investment these days. Even any smallest home based business may require couple of lacs of investment to start with, not to mention the ongoing monthly expenses. Obviously, one will automatically have higher expectations from such a business wherein you would have invested so much money which will again keep building pressures. Blogging is something that neatly fits in here which require almost no or very minimal investment and hence it could be an ideal choice for giving a try.

Housewives can demonstrate better patience

Housewives owing to their nature of various responsibilities that they play at home of taking care of kids and other household jobs makes them more patient. Patience is the virtue to successful blogging. How many times do we see people leaving blogging altogether after they start feeling frustrated and impatient. This is where housewives can be proved better than others.


Hopefully, above post will provide a food for thought to many housewives out there to start exploring blogging as a full time activity which they can hope to enjoy as well along with their other responsibilities.

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