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Best Social Applications In Nokia Ovi Store

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Social utility feature is the most important thing to look out in a cell. Today many social utility applications help you to keep in touch with family and friends. Nokia Ovi store has some great social applications that can be downloaded free. Messengers and chat applications can help to keep you connected. To know more about the top best social applications for Nokia Symbian phones to chat, talk, SMS, Video Chat or increase social network, read below. All of these social applications for Nokia Symbian phones can be downloaded free from Nokia Ovi Store.

WhatsApp: (Best social app)

This application is the most famous messenger app that helps keep you connected with friends and family. There is a same version of app in iPhone and android operating system. It lets you stay connected with friends through messages. It also supports the image and video transfer feature. Whats app is the coolest app to download from the Ovi store.

WhatsApp: (Best social app) nokia ovi store

Facebook chat: (Must have app)

As facebook is a very popular social networking site, facebook chat app lets you stay connected with your friends. Facebook chat is an instant chat application. The application lets you chat with all your face book friends. It is a cool way of staying connected with family and friends. An invisible chat mode is in the display mode of the app. It is available in Nokia Ovi store.

Facebook chat: (Must have social apps)

Ebuddy messenger: Nokia Symbian

It supports all social websites and mails. The application supports transfer feature, so it lets you send pictures. It also supports the display image feature, which makes it more interesting. Ebuddy messenger is compatible with all the Nokia devices. It can be downloaded free from the Nokia Ovi store.

Ebuddy messenger apps nokia

Nimbuzz messenger chat and call:

It is a great chat and instant messenger, if you want to make free calls. The application is also good for making international calls. It works on different operating systems. It is an ideal messenger for Nokia phone. It lets you chat with your android friends as well. It can be downloaded from the Ovi store.

Nimbuzz messenger chat and call

Google+: Social Networking Apps in Nokia Ovi Store

Google plus social networking application connects you to all your Google plus circles. You do not need to add any one. All your Google circle contacts are automatically added in your contact list application. It is great if you love Google plus social networking website. It also supports all other features as the new Google plus website.

Google plus social networking apps nokia ovi store

Rocke talk: (Video chat app)

The application supports voice chat and video chat. It also lets you upload your photo. It lets you connect to new people on instant basis. You have option of group chat, which can be used in this application. The application also supports free audio and video galleries for support. It also lets you browse different profiles in the application.

Rocke talk: (Video chat app) nokia symbian

Sms live: (Free sms app)

The application allows you to send free messages throughout the network. It lets you send messages to your facebook and twitter friends. The best part about the application is, it is free, and you do not have to pay anything to send a free message. The application also supports different colours and smiley’s to add personal touch to all the messages.

Sms live: (Free sms app) nokia symbian

Secure my contacts: (Back up app)

The application lets you secure all your contacts at once. It can be used as a backup. It also lets you back up all your facebook contacts. The application has simple interface and it is quite user friendly. The application also supports the sync feature that helps to sync facebook contacts. It is available in the Nokia Ovi store.

Secure my contacts: (Back up app) nokia ovi store

LinkedIn app: Free Download Nokia Symbian

The application is a version of main linked in site. Many people use this app to stay connected while at work. It also lets you update all the information at once. The app provides with notification in linked in account, to get new updates. The application is great if you use the linkedin site on daily basis.

LinkedIn app: download free nokia ovi store

Album sync: (Photo app)

The application helps to download all the photos from your facebook album to your personal mobile. Therefore, if you like a photo, the application helps to download it on instant basis. Even the tagged photos can be downloaded with the help of this application. This app works well with a Wi- Fi connectivity.

Album sync: (Photo app) download nokia phone

All the above Social apps for Nokia Symbian can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi Store.

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