Best Paid WordPress Themes for Technology Blog

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You have decided to start a Technology blog and want to write about gadgets like smartphones and tablets as well mobile apps. Now, you have heard a lot about wordpress as being the best blogging platform but still have doubts weather it will provide any additional benefits for your new technology blog.


Earlier, we explained about how WordPress has loads of best readymade themes to choose from which reduces the time to launch the blog – Thanks to all the complex functionality code has already been taken care of within the WP Themes.

Buying an SEO Optimized WP Theme for Technology Blog

Another point which bothers most of new bloggers is the visibility of their blog to the readers. This is where SEO and social media promotion plays a big role. So, what if you have a WP theme that comes integrated with these functionalities as well. I think, nothing like that. Well, you can believe, just Google for some SEO providers companies and see for yourself how much cost/money it takes for doing proper SEO of your site or blog.

Recommended Themes for Technology Blogs:

Thesis 2 Theme with a ready made skin (offers drag and drop functionality).

Genesis Framework with a Magazine Child Theme.

Gadgets Theme by ThemeJunkie.

So, if your theme is SEO optimized, then it has good reasons for you to feel happy about. After all, you would have saved tons of money in the long run.


Similarly, next question for promotion is to how to promote your blog effectively on Social media platforms which happens to be another most traffic driving platform. So a wordpress theme which has built-in functionality and widgets which provides flexibility for your readers to share and follow on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc, then again it will automatically help drive lots of additional traffic to your site.

Best Paid Theme for New Technology Bloggers

So, if you are starting off as a new technology blogger and wanting to use WordPress as blogging platform, then let’s see which could be the best readymade paid themes which can help you with not only on all the above aspects but a lot more than that.

The initial money that you spent on buying these paid themes is nothing as compared to saving that you do in a very short term. I would rather say, that it hardly takes a few days time to recover the cost of the paid themes.

The WordPress theme which we are listing below are the ones which have been most used by technology bloggers all over the world. Ranging from a simple technology news to tips and tricks, these theme will prove to be best.

When you check their details, you will find the above facts for yourself to confirm. However, you can google also to see which are the best technology blogs and what themes they are based on.

Thesis 2 Theme with a ready made skin (offers drag and drop functionality).

Genesis Framework with a Magazine Child Theme.

Gadgets Theme by ThemeJunkie.

You can choose to buy any one of the above theme to create your technology or news based blog and find blogging getting the most easiest thing to do in life. Try it for yourself.

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