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Best Music Applications In Nokia Ovi Store

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Music binds people, so music apps are always popular in any phone operating system. Nokia Ovi store also has some great apps for music lovers. Nokia Ovi has some cool DJ mix applications, that lets you shuffle your music no or a song. Music apps are a fun way to organize your music. Music applications are also available in different music players, that lets you enjoy. Many virtual instruments are available in the Nokia Ovi store. Virtual music apps are good to learn music. To know more about the apps, continue reading.

Soundtrack radio:

There is a music catalogue in the application, which lets you choose the music. It lets you discover and play the music anywhere on instant basis. The application also lets you create your own radio station. The application supports sharing feature. It lets you share the apps with your friends and family. The app can be downloaded free from the Nokia Ovi store.

Soundtrack radio music apps nokia ovi store


Arrow player:

The application is great if you want to try something new. It lets you play different songs with different audio effects. The player supports almost all the music files. The application supports different versions such as rock and band. It also has an equalizer for clear audio quality. It is free to download from the Ovi store.

Arrow player nokia ovi store



Do you love playing guitar, then download this virtual guitar. The application allows you to record your own music and play it later on. There are different types of string versions for playing the guitar. The application allows you to play different sound effects to make playing a fun experience.

Iguitar best music applications nokia ovi store


Mp3 ringtone creator:

It lets you record your favorite ring tone in seconds. The application lets you cut and create any song or verse with the help of ring tone creator. Ring tone creator application is good for creating your own sounds. There are different versions and options to choose from. It can be downloaded free from Nokia Ovi store.

Mp3 ringtone creator nokia


Iflute: (Music app for nokia)

The application creates flute sound with the help of gesture and finger placement. There are total fourteen holes placed in the flute. The flute sound is similar to real flute. There are different versions and arrangements in the application. Go ahead and create the same magic with this free application.

Iflute Music app for nokia ovi store download


World music news:

If you are a music freak, then this application is for you. Get all the latest updates on music from all over the world. The application gives updates on new albums and celebs. The application also provides latest gossips related to music celebs. It is available free from Nokia Ovi store.

World music news free apps nokia ovi store download


DJM350 mix: (Music mixing app)

Do you like being a DJ, then this application can be used as a practice for mixing music. The application features eight different tracks and sounds for mixing. Pick up any song and add your own beats to create a mix. The application works well with a wi fi connectivity. It is available free from Nokia Ovi store.

DJM350 mix Music mixing app

Sone: (Music search app)

The application is good to find all kinds and genres of music. It lets you search music history. The application also provides live updates on top 100 chart busters. It features reviews and biographies. It also features different music videos. It lets you discover new kinds of sounds. It is available from the Nokia Ovi store.

Sone Music search apps nokia ovi

Folders play: (Sort music app)

Folder play lets you set your own play list. Store all your favorite songs in one folder. It lets you arrange all the MP3 files in one folder. Selecting and sorting music files becomes easier with the application. It is a must have music application, that can be downloaded free from Ovi store.

Folders play Sort music application

Mixx machine studio:

It features a 20-channel movie sound studio. It lets you create different sounds and patterns. It has adjusted drum patterns for creating a unique sound. It gets updated automatically and lets you mix different sounds. It is available free from the Nokia Ovi store.
Mixx machine studio

Download Music Apps from Nokia Ovi Store

All the above music apps can be downloaded from :

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