Best Combo Tariff Plans for Reliance CDMA Android Tablet

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Reliance CDMA Android Tablet PC comes with some great data and voice tariff combo plans. As per RCom these combo plans are for limited time only and offers huge saving of up to 40% if customer buys the combo of tab with the data plan. These special offer combo plans are in postpaid category only though the option exist to make it on annual or monthly basis.

Best Postpaid Combo Tariff Plans with Reliance CDMA Android Tablet

Company Reliance communication currently offering combo tariff plans in the postpaid category only. However, customer can choose from either annual or monthly based plans.

Postpaid : Super Value Combo Plan (Annual Advance Rental) – Reliance CDMA Android Tab

Under this annual postpaid super value combo offer for reliance cdma android tab, customer can save up to 40% if he/she choose the 5 GB one. The data usage exceeding the free usage is charged at 6p/MB.

best tariff combo plans reliance cdma tab postpaid annual


Postpaid : Super Value Offer (Monthly Rental)

If your data usage is quite high, then you will like the combo super value postpaid monthly basis plans. Under this plan, the saving is up to 31%. The extra usage above the free one is charged at 6p/MB.

best postpaid monthly tariff plan reliance cdma tab

However, if your usage is not that high then it is advisable to go for a tariff plan annually paid as mentioned in the previous section. That will help you to save maximum since the rental is taken on advance basis.

My Best Plan

Under my best plan for reliance CDMA android tab, customer is charged only for the data consumed and charging is done  based on the usage pattern which takes the lowest bill amount. Voice calls will be charged at 50p/minute.

my best plan reliance cdma tablet pc

Please note that for the above tariff plans, the Reliance CDMA Tab will first be activated on 1X speeds (upto 144Kbps). These speeds will upgrade to HSD (upto 3.1Mbps) within 24 hours. On roaming, however the speed may be downgraded to 144 Kbps in case of towns and cities where no reliance HSD network is available.

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