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15 Best Android Mobile Apps for Women Safety

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The days are gone by when women were just confined to the daily household chores. Gone is the trend of 9 to 5 jobs for women even as these days’ women are very career conscious and hence, want to explore each kind of career opportunities. From a night shift, to bus conductor or call centre jobs, women in India are found everywhere being successful. But the major concern, which has always troubled, is women safety. It seems the rescue from pepper sprays and high heels are old age tricks but now, smartphones mobile application designed especially for women safety have become the everyday trend.

VithU App:

VithU Women Safety App

Great App for women safety during danger. Without wasting time on typing message, all you have to do is push the power buttons twice to instantly send an SOS alert to the contacts listed. Alert messages will be sent to all the contacts listed every two minutes along with your physical location for them to help you in any manner.

Circle of 6 App:

Women Safety App

Unique app in every respect is what Circle of 6 App is. If you want a familiar face from your closed ones should come for your rescue during tough situations, this app has different notifications that the user can tap on to alert the circle. With this app, alert to any of your 6 chosen contacts will be sent. It also connects you to proper authorities for any emergency.

Life360 Family Locator App:

Life360 Family Locator App

A true multi purpose app is what this one is. You can stay in touch with your family members and friends. You can create a family circle, add people to them and can view their locations on a confidential map. Not over here, you can track your family members to see they are safe. Share your locations with them and even send an alert to your circle members. Chat for free with the members of the circle and to top it all, you can also recover your stolen or lost phone. Isn’t it WOW?

iFollow App:

iFollow App

Amazing award winning app for women safety. Working silently, shake your mobile thrice and it will generate an automatic voice call to the pre-set contact numbers. And if the calls are not responded, this app even sends a message to all the emergency contacts with your real time location to track you to save you.

bSafe App:

womens safety bSafe App

With single push button, a text message to the chosen contact is sent. A safety net of guardian is created in free version. In premium version, Risk Mode (tracks real-time location and GPS technology) and Timer Mode (automatic alarm activation feature) is also available.

Scream Alarm:

Scream Alarm Women Safety App

Once you press the button, a scream in woman’s voice starts. Push button again to stop the scream. It can help in two manners. It might get you some help from neighborhood or damage the attackers ear even and may help in preventing a crime to take place.


Guardly App

Another great women safety application. You can place the call to the listed contacts along with your name, real-time location and type of emergency. Its subscription version offers responders to be connected to conference call and its paid version offers real-time tracking facility.

FightBack App:

Fight Back Mobile Application by Whypoll

When in danger, FightBack app provides you with features like GPS, GPRS, SMS, Emails and Facebook alerts just through SOS messages to the pre-set contacts in the list. When the message is sent, the app sends them with the hyperlink, which takes them directly to the alert page with the location on Google Maps. After the Delhi rape case, this app is available for free.

Cab4me App:

Cab4me App

You see a person following you and taking a cab is what you want. Cab4me helps you with the cab when you really need it. Look up for the map, select the pickup location and switch to the call tab and book one. If no cab service available for your location, a local web service will help you to get one. Favorites are available to keep quick access to your favorite companies in emergency.

Famy Family Chat & Locator App:

Famy Family Chat & Locator App

If you need to keep a check on your notorious kid, this locator app is all you need. It picks your exact GPS location and shares the location to the group. It also helps in sending the SOS alert message when in need.

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App:

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App

During emergency, this app lets you send emergency sms or call in just one touch. Pre-selected contacts will receive your precise location with update on every 300m you move. Shake to alert feature distress signal sent via push power button feature is also there.

Watch over Me App:

Watch over Me App

Customizing app, which lets you specify for how long you want it to track, your GPS location until you check from your intended location. This way your contacts can follow you remotely. If you fail to do so, it sends an emergency alert to your pre-set contacts. Shake your phone to ring the emergency alert and your phone’s camera will turn on to record everything.

Sentinel Personal Security SOS App:Sentinel Personal Security SOS App


This is the fastest SOS app in the market. Send Sms, Email alert, Call Emergency contacts as need comes. Sms Alert includes GPS location, time, and direction of travel. It works even without Internet connection or phone network.

Secure Her App:

Secure Her App

You staying alone far from your friends and relatives, this is a good app for you. It sends a distress signal as soon as the phone user double taps the apps icon. With this, a call centre will respond to the signal to make sure that some help reaches the user. Too good right?

Woman Safety Shield App:

Woman Safety Shield App

Take picture as evidence and send info quickly with your current location to the pre-set contact. Accordingly, action takes place immediately. Walk With Me function let’s your selected contact follow your travel to keep a track on you. It also provides list of hospitals and police stations nearest to you that moment.

You can search and download any of the above women safety app from Google Play.

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