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How to Avoid Getting Punished in WordPress and Get the Maximum Benefits

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The world today is becoming fanatic about WordPress. New bloggers are getting more and more inclined in creating their own WordPress website and getting the maximum benefit from the same. Now the question is: Is WordPress website proving beneficial all the WordPress users? The answer is “No”, because most of them do not know when a WordPress blog gets punished and when it gives the maximum output. Thus, if you too are a new WordPress user and wish to get the maximum returns, start reading further.

Be specific with the Permalink URL

While making a posting in your WordPress blog, you must keep in mind that your URL must comprise of a permalink structure and not a generic link that reads something like this, ‘www.mysite.com’. Actually, such URLs generate a unique ID like p=23 or p=45. Unfortunately, these are not SEO friendly options. As a consequence, your WordPress website site fails to drag traffic.

By the way, WordPress thesis theme is the only theme that offer great builtin SEO benefits.

Use WordPress friendly database backup

You might probably know that the site you create in the WordPress website generates a database of all the information you store and every activity you do in your site.

But it is certain that most of you care little about keeping a backup of your database. Thus, in some of the unfortunate situations you get traumatized when your database gets corrupted or it gets deleted from the WordPress site .

Avoid punishing yourself like this and install an automatic database backup plugin in your WordPress blog. WP-DB WorsPress plugin Manager is one of the recommended ones form WordPress users. All you need to do is to set up a schedule. The plugin will automatically take a local copy of the SQL file in your computer on the scheduled date.

Avoid spammers with Akismet

Spammers are the greatest enemy of any site. As soon as your WordPress website gets popular and receives considerable hits, spammers will also land up in your site and post irrelevant links and comments. More than being a disturbing and irritating affair, these spam posts will make your WordPress site get heavily penalized by Google Penguin. Consequently, your search engine ranking will drop as well. So, you need to ward off spam posts by installing Akismet in your WordPress website. It will automatically identify and filter out the spam posts.

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Establish an easy contact

If your WordPress website is client oriented, you must ensure that there is a ‘contact us’ page. Otherwise, some of your potential posts that might attract traffic attention will fail to contact you in need. So, your site will generate much less business than you have assumed. A number of WordPress contact page plugins are available for you for the purpose like Contactme.com or C Forms. Select the one that satisfies your preferences.

Keep you site fascia clean

Even though you have wide options in WordPress as far as WordPress themes are concerned, never be extremely experimental with the same. The theme you select for you select for your WordPress website must be clean and sorted out. Actually whatever may be your theme, you must ensure that it appears soothing for the eyes of the traffic, and the contents are also easily decipherable. A carefully selected a theme will work towards decreasing the bounce back rate in your site.

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