Apple iPad 3 Supports Fastest 4G LTE and Voice Commands

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Apple iPad 3 has been launched with some exciting features and an equally impressive technical specs. It brings quite a powerful processor, good battery life and larger and highest resolution display. With lots of improvements, Apple iPad 3 is also slight heavier than its old counterpart iPad 2. Apple iPad 3 enables to browse the web at fastest speeds with 4G LTE network in USA and canada. It has been priced approx Rs. 36799 in India and approx $750 in USA.

apple ipad 3 features and tech specs review

Apple iPad 3 Features

If you want to know more about features and tech specs of this gadget, then continue reading below or have a look the below attached image.

apple ipad 3 product specifications price

Processor and OS

Apple iPad 3 is using powerful A5X Chip with quad-core graphics processing and world’s most advanced mobile operating system iOS.

9.7 Inch Touch Screen

The touch screen of the Apple iPad 3 has changed. It is now available with 9.7 inch touch screen display, which is quite user friendly as compared to iPad 2. It has the highest pixel resolution, which makes your browsing experience fun.

Memory and Processor

Apple iPad 3 is available in the wi fi version. It has the memory space of 16 GB, which would be enough, if you are looking for personal use. The only problem with iPad 3 is that is heavier as compared to iPad 2. Yes, you heard it right; this one is slightly heavy in weight. The new version also has a fast apple processor, which would be useful for your daily use.

Multimedia, Camera and Battery

There are many other multimedia features. It has an insight camera of five Mega Pixels that can give crystal clear images.

The new version also allows you HD video recording that is another great feature to look out for. It has well connected features, which may help you to a good extent.

The battery performance  is quite good. It has a good stand by time. It can give you up to 10 hours of power to do any thing you want – read, write, watch or play.


Apple iPad 3 supports the 4G LTE networks in the USA and Canada. So, you can browse the web at the fastest ever speeds. It works quite well on GSM/UMTS worldwide network.

Talking Instead of Typing

The talk type feature in the new version is something to look out for. It can really save your time, if you use it properly. You can use the microphone icon on the keyboard to give voice commands to your Apple iPad 3 instead of writing it out. So you can write an email, a note or even search the web using your voice only.

Apple Store Apps for iPad 3

The apple store in the new Apple iPad 3 has many features. It lets you choose from over 200,000 different applications. Well, many new applications can help you to kill time, if you are using an iPad for fun. Moreover, many applications are specially made for this apple’s new gadget. So, do not miss this feature.

Apple iPad 3 Price

Apple iPad 3 has been priced at Rs. 36799 (India) and $750 (USA).

Apple iPad 3 Official Product Video

Have a look at the below officially released product video;

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