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Explore your Hacking Abilities with Android’s Best Hack Apps

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Google’s Android, as we all know is a big player in the Smartphone market today. One of the most significant reasons for Android’s popularity is its “apps”. Undoubtedly, its app market is huge and growing as we can find ‘n’ number of apps for every situation or category. Users too feel great as they have wide range of apps to suffice their needs. Here, we are going to explore some best android apps used for hacking. So, let’s begin.

1. FaceNiff

Beware users – your Facebook and Twitter account over Wi-Fi can be hacked with the help of an app called ‘FaceNiff’. Installation of this app will detect the connection that will be using the same Wi-Fi network and allow user to access your social media accounts. With just one tap on screen, hackers can access any account logged in either on private or public network.

Tip: We advise you to enable ‘Secure browsing (https)’ for both your facebook and twitter account.

2. Penetrate Pro

The Wi-Fi networks which are secured or password protected can be accessed through an app known as ‘Penetrate Pro’. The user will be able to gain access to your password only if the Wi-Fi routers are encrypted with WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)/WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Once you install this app, it will ask you to download several dictionaries which will help in recovering difficult passwords. Once you are finished downloading dictionaries, ‘run’ the application. You will get a list of available Wi-Fi networks along with the networks which can be cracked easily. These networks will be noticeable in green.

Penetrate Pro hacking android apps
Tip: If user tries to use ‘Penetrate Pro’ to crack your Wi-Fi password, the antivirus installed on your phone will detect this app and even gives you a warning.

3. Anti-Android Network Toolkit

This app is quite amazing as it is used to scan any open network or network connected to your phone. The Anti-Android Network Toolkit will map your network and scan to test network loopholes or weaknesses to threats. When the scanning is completed, the report mentioning vulnerabilities and the way to fix them are displayed.

Anti-Android Network Toolkit
Other than scan, it is equipped with some more features like –
• Spy – Used to transfer images from selected network to your mobile. Also, with the help of this app, you will find out username/password logins of non-secured network.
• D.O.S – It is expanded as ‘Denial of Service’ which will deny access until you stop the attack
• MITM – The MITM, better known as ‘Man in the Middle Attack is used in combination with other attacks. It is used to manipulate network data with the help of specific filters.

4. SpoofApp

This is a very interesting app as it is mostly used to pull a prank on someone. The SpoofApp let user to use a fake caller id and even voice. Once you run this app, you will be asked to enter number you want to call to and the number that you want to display other than the number you are calling from. It even lets woman’s tone of voice transform to man’s tone of voice and vice-versa.

Tip – To prevent spoofing, you can restrict incoming calls by permitting calls only from your contacts.

Please don’t hassle as we also don’t recommend or promote hacking. The above mentioned apps are purely designed for educational purposes. So, enjoy using these apps but make sure not to indulge yourself in illegal hacking.

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