LG Nitro Priced $249 Not the Smartest Android Phone

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Day by day, the competition is heating up in the Smartphone market. Adding to the competition, LG has announced its android Smartphone nitro. LG has announced this smart phone to compete with Samsung galaxy phones. LG has been successful with its previous phone like optimus; still nitro has many promising features. The software has been updated, so the phone has a better battery life. Look wise, LG nitro is sleek, better than the optimus. It looks similar to other smartphones, which are available in market. To know more about the phone, read on.LG-Nitro-review-technical-specifications-features-price

Technical Specifications of Android based LG Nitro

LG nitro has 1.5 GHz processor that is better than its previous version. The phone has 2.3 gingerbread operating system. The phone would be released from 4G LTE network. The display screen of the phone is good. It has a 4.5-inch display with many screen resolutions.

One thing that stands out in LG nitro is the clear display. Clarity wise, the phone does not disappoint. The phone has a unique and simple design, with rounded edges. Therefore, it is easy to hold the phone. It has a textured black panel at backside, which makes the phone look interesting.

Features of LG Nitro

LG nitro has an 8-mega pixel camera. The quality of the image is clear and crisp. It also has a front facing camera for video chat, so this is one feature to look out for in nitro. The phone has all the other multimedia features including Bluetooth and 4G support.

The phone can be synchronized along with USB port. LG nitro supports all the file versions. However, the speakerphone of the phone is not so loud, so this can be quite a disadvantage for the phone. You can view all the live streaming videos from you tube, as its good in live streaming.

The final verdict: LG Nitro Priced $249 Not the Smartest Phone

Overall performance of LG nitro is good including the battery life. However, I would not call it a great smartphone, because of some cons. The phone has similar hardware, as other phones, which are already available in market. Therefore, the phone has nothing new to offer.

LG nitro is not so attractive as other Smartphone of Samsung and HTC. The phone has all the features that you would want in a Smartphone. However, price wise it could have been better. Still, it is not a bad deal at a price tag of $249.

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