Android Apps to Run Your Business Smoothly

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How about mixing business with pleasure? You heard it right, if you have an android phone, there are many applications that may prove to be helpful for your business. Business apps can help to manage your business schedule. Business apps also help to save time. Other applications may be used as productivity tools for business. Business applications are available in free and paid version from the android market. There are widgets that can be used on daily basis. To know more about business applications, read on.

Office suite viewer 5:

The application helps to open different documents on phone. The application supports all the word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. It also supports the Google document viewer. It helps to save a file directly on any android device, which is an advantage. There is a separate dictionary support in the application. It is a perfect document viewer application and can be downloaded free from android market.

Office suite viewer 5 android apps

Call blocker:

It is a perfect application for business support. It lets you block all the unwanted calls that act as hassle when you are at work. It helps to block all the calls and has a backlist support. The application also supports the contact backups. It helps you manage all the business contacts, which can be kept private; it is a great application and can be downloaded free from the android market.

Call blocker apps android

Printer share application:

The application allows direct printing with Google documents and other files. It also supports nearby printing to personal computer or Mac enable laptop. The application gives good results with wifi. It also supports other feature like Google cloud print. The application can help if you want an emergency printout related to office. The application is available from android market for a price of Rs.670.

Printer share application

Enhanced email:

The email application can be used for your business needs. It supports email search with customized font. It lets you sort all the emails date wise and priority wise. The application supports the zoom and sync feature. It has an auto BBC with copy and select text support. It helps to keep away all the trash emails, by a single tab button. The application is available in android market for the price of Rs 516.

Enhanced email application

Adobe createPDF:

The application helps to convert all the documents in PDF format. The application supports all the documents. It supports all word, PowerPoint and excel documents. The application also supports all the images and start office documents. The application helps to share and manage all the documents. The application also helps to preserve all the notes and files. The application can be downloaded from android store for Rs 516.

Adobe createPDF for android mobiles

File manager:

It is a must have business application, if you have an android phone. The application supports search, share, and compress a file feature. The application supports the local file and remote file. The application has list and grid view for easy viewing. It also supports the thumbnail feature for picture support. There is a build in text editor and image gallery in the application. The application is available in android market for free.

File manager android apps

Package tracker pro:

The application helps to keep a tab on all packaging and delivery of goods. It supports the parcel-tracking feature that would help shipping carriers. It alerts about label via notification and vibration. It helps to synchronize the packaging list from personal computer. It also helps to customize the carrier list. It supports the group-packaging feature. The application is available in android market for price of Rs 102.

Package tracker pro apps

Documents to go 3.0 main application:

The application lets you view all the files and documents. It supports all the formats including word, excel and PowerPoint. The free version of application helps in viewing. If you buy the application in pro, it helps in editing and creating a file. The application is perfect for business needs. It also supports the Google document viewer. The application is available and can be downloaded free from market.

Documents to go 3.0 main application

Quick office pro:

The application lets you edit create and share all the Microsoft office files. The application features automatic update, which helps in better viewing of files. The application lets you view all the excel spreadsheets, which can be handy. It also supports power point presentations. The application helps in managing all the files and folders. It is available in android market for a price of Rs 773.

Quick office pro for business app

Fill and sign PDF forms:

It supports all the PDF file forms. It lets you fill and sign any PDF form on instant basis. There is a separate fill and sign context menu in the application. Therefore, now you do not have to wait for signing the PDF form. The application has different check boxes for easy document view. The application is available in android market for free.

Fill and sign PDF forms apps

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