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Top 3 Android Apps to Monitor Kids Online

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Statistically shown, internet has proven to be a seriously dangerous arena for children. Parents are usually worried and would like to protect their children from the likes of:

 Pornography

 Sexual chat rooms

 Harassment

 Pedophiles

 Meeting strange friends

 Sharing explicit photographs

Such and many other issues are regularly gone unnoticed by parents. But it’s not even their fault since how can they fix these issues when they are not even aware of them happening. This is where monitoring applications come in. some of these monitoring applications are specifically made to the tailored needs of parents. The best ones available in the market are as follow:



TheOneSpy application is built for gadgets running on an array of systems like IPhones and Android. By installing this in every gadget that your kid is exposed to, you will be easily able to track their complete internet usage and other activities. Among the many features that TheOneSpy application has to offer, here are a few prominent ones:

 Web browsing:

With this feature parents can now easily keep track of their children’s browsing histories without them knowing it. Sometimes kids tend to delete the histories, but this application stores a copy especially for you to view back when needed.

 Filtering Websites:

Kids should not be able to view every site according to their free will. And with TheOneSpy application, parents can now easily block pornography and other adult sites. They can also place filters on sites that allow pop up inappropriate advertisements.

 Tacking location:

With TheOneSpy application, parents can online track their kids’ exact location. Every kid has a cell phone these days and the application is adequately able to track the kids position.

 Reading mails and SMS:

Keeping track of your kids group of friends is another important aspect n their upbringing. With TheOneSpy application, parents can easily look at their kids’ emails and SMS in order to find out who they are talking to and about what.



SecureTeen is another well reputed monitoring application used by many concerned parents. Its intricate features within every domain have proven very beneficial for the parents with the most rebellious and smart kids. Here are a few prominent features that you will encounter if you decide to use SecureTeen to keep an out on your kids’ whereabouts and internet usage:

 Remote management:

With this feature you can easily monitor your kids’ phone and cell phone without having to look at either of them in person. SecureTeen allows you great control over whatever happens on these devices online.

 Blocking and unblocking:

Kids sometimes tend to lose their phones. However, with SecureTeen you don’t have to worry about their stolen phone getting into the wrong hands. Other than the regular remote control that you will have over your teen’s phone, you can now block the phone online so no one can access the contents. Similarly the phone can also be unlocked in the same manner.

 Internet Filtering:

SecureTeen is one of the few highly functioning sites that allows for a variety of ways to filter your kids internet usage. Other than the regular blocking of sites, lock sites based on categories and even keywords. Parents can also maintain a black and white list for sites that are allowed to be viewed and those that are not allowed.



Monitoring kids could not have become easier than this. The Qustodio application is built specifically for worried parents. Because of this very reason, it is very easy to manage and understand one you get started on it. Here are a few highlighted features of the Qustodio application:

 Controlling downloads:

This includes all application and games download as well. Parents’ will now have complete control over whatever their children download. You can also limit the number of either are downloaded and at the same time block any inappropriate downloads from taking place.

 Calls and SMS at your disposal:

Who your kids talk to are an essential feature parents need to keep an eye on. And the best way to do this is through keeping track of their SMS and calling lists. Qustodio automatically sends complete lists of messages and calling lists to the parents phone.

 Setting time limits:

The Qustodio application allows setting data usage limits on multiple devices. This means you can set limits to the amount of time kids spend on the internet on their phones as well their computers.

With technology on the rise by the minute and parents have lesser opportunities to keep track of their kids’ activities; such monitoring applications have proven themselves really helpful time and again. Many people have given great reviews about these applications benefits and recommend other parents to try them too.

Above is a guest post by Nicki. Nicki works as a senior editor and writer at TOS. She is an ardent reader and a professional writer. She spends most of her time browsing through technology related subjects such as operation of various devices and use of mobile applications. She is an expert social experiment analyst and writes regularly for some time. Her work on cell phone monitoring has received great appreciation from a reader who turns her keep themselves updated with the latest news.

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