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An Overview of SEO updates by Google in 2012

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Year 2012 brought couple names to the lips of every SEO worker: Panda and Penguin. Panda updates have been rolled out on pretty much on monthly basis since the original launch of then-called Farmer Update on February 2011, and it has had an impact on all English speaking countries and search results. Panda is an algorithm update, so the sites getting slapped by it can be restored by fixing the root cause or the slap, and then getting the site manually approved by Google staff.


Panda and Penguin SEO Updates by Google in 2012

Panda update is targeted to eliminate low-quality sites, like for example sites that do not provide the visitors any valuable content, or sites that just copy their content from other sites and claim it their own. Panda has also helped legitimate sites to rise up in the search results with original content and information, as the useless sites have been death with an iron fist.

It’s good to note that Panda update has never targeted spammy sites – just sites that add no value to the users. Original name of the update, Farmer, springs from the fact that it was aimed at so called content farms, that were used to publish massive loads of low quality content and keyword stuffed articles to help boost other sites in their respective rankings. Panda penalizes websites based on the flags of thin content, so while no exact numbers have been revealed, a site/domain will get penalized if the content on it is deemed worthless.

Penguin update, on the other hand, IS aimed at spammy sites and content, that will noticeably affect sites that do not follow Latest Google SEO Updates quality guidelines. These are mainly issues for people doing black hat SEO, as their strategies revolve around keyword stuffing and excessive and irrelevant link building. So far Penguin has impacted an estimated 3.1% of all English queries on Google, and the amount is quite possibly still rising.

So far there’s not any exact signals known that Penguin uses to assess the worthiness of a site, so many people finding theirs websites hit have no clue on what they need to change to regain their previous SERP positions. There are of course “sophisticated guesses” from many SEO persons on what might be the root cause, and some of these include the likes of:

Low quality content / spam
Keyword stuffing
Exact Match Domains and their overuse

For any new SEO personnel it’s good to remember that with Latest Google SEO Updates, one’s site standings might fluctuate a lot, but they usually return to their respective positions in few days’ time. But if your site seems to completely fallen off of Google’s index, or you get notified of it on your Google Webmaster Tools, then you need to act as fast as possible to regain your standings. But for many it might be easier said than done, as sending in a reconsideration request does nothing good if you haven’t fixed the reason your site got hit – and how could you, if you don’t know the reason in the first place?

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