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Amazon India Operations Launched as

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America’s top and most famous online retailer has launched its India operations with The site has already gone live and has over 1.2 crore products and more than 14,000 brands. Since, FDI is not yet allowed by Indian Govt. for the multi-brand retailers, the site currently not selling anything directly to Indian customers. You can, however, browse, search and compare products details, specs across different brands and retailers but to make the final purchase, user will be redirected to site only. Whatever products you get to see on is nothing but what Amazon has which are eligible for International delivery. So, that means, is kind of subset of only. As an Indian customer, you can still go directly to Amazon to buy something which is eligible for International delivery and dispatch and you will still be able to get the delivery in India without even going via


Quite interestingly, site is not yet searchable in search engines like Google. I could not find the listing of the site as far as 6th page of Google search results even when I searched with the full domain name “”.  Anyways, that has more to do with the SEO of the site and does not necessary convey anything about the reputation of the retailer site.

Amazon Launched India Operation [Free Service for Retailers]

Existing Amazon users can login using their Amazon userid and password. You can search, review and even “like” the products and retailers. Currently, Amazon is offering free service to online retailers to upload the product catalogue and advertise.  Retailers can even direct the traffic to their own sites if they do have online presence and/or to their store location without actually making any payment to Amazon.

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