Amazing apps for the music lovers!

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Here comes the good news for all the music lovers plus those who love to enjoy the evening in clubs and pubs. Now you can take the joy ride of a disco at home. The newly introduced app will facilitate you with the surrounding like a live concert. It’s like a live streaming where you can easily connect to the event happening at any corner of the world. Now you no longer have to spend those heavy bucks to watch a live concert or to attend the party at night club. You can easily call your friends at home and enjoy the evening with event streaming.

Amazing apps for music lovers
Amazing apps for music lovers

These event-streaming like live streaming offers you more than just music. Not only you can connect with the events happening in any corner of the world but also get the atmosphere just like a concert. So without leaving the comforts off your house you can enjoy the event and that too on very minimal rates.

This facility can be available to you by evntlive streams which will present the concerts of well-known and Indian artist on its namesake web app. This site was launched last month only and can be easily accessed through your mobile devices. However some of the concerts are free, that is you can watch them for free but for others, you need to pay an amount ranging from $ 2.99 to $ 5.99. The company is in direct contact with the musicians and concert organizers and will serve you the concerts live through streaming the shows online.

Other website which re-launched its web apps in order to make the facility available to the users through mobile phones streams around 20-25 concerts on per week basis. The fees ranging is similar to that of evntlive’s streaming charges.

audio streaming apps
Flooded with apps

Thanks to the New York City-based company which offers equipment like cameras to artists and controls the broadcast distantly. From this, two-third of the net profit go into the hands of musicians.

Another app which is very popular and compatible for the iPhone users is ‘Spacebar’. It is a new app especially made for the iPhone users, emphases exclusively on audio streaming. This innovative app is very useful for the musicians as they can easily stream their performance on the app. The first five minutes are free for streaming and after that a performer has to pay the charges which would cost him 99 cents.

The most amazing thing is that users can watch more than a dozen of concerts in one week. With the advent of so many useful apps we can now enjoy the feeling of live concert at home in a very cheaper rates. So how about enjoying the night today? Are you ready to rock?

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