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All about Nokia Amber Updates

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Everything About Nokia Amber Update
In last article we talked about Nokia Lumia 625 which was released recently and many features it was released with one update which is Nokia Amber Update. In this article readers can read about it and discuss it.

What is it About Nokia Amber Update?


Standby time display
Now Nokia window with amber update will include standby time option by which mobile phone will run on special low power mode. It enables the phone to constantly display the current time. Now clock on the phone is quite amazing. It will turn off when phone is in the pocket and turn on when mobile phone is in your hand. This is also called Peek Hover.

Night Mode
Now amber updates make it possible to make setting in “night mode” where display is not very bright and cock colour becomes red instead of grey which is very comfortable for the eyes. Now users can set time also when to kick start night mode and when to kick off the night mode. It is a classic option nokia has provided.

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Double Tap
Nokia has made it possible now for users to double tap the screen to wake up while other phones use traditional key to wake up the

Improvement in Camera
Amber update makes camera more fantastic. Lumia Colour profile which give freedom to users to set colour saturation on the display. In nokia Lumia 920 it is possible to capture an image and fix white balance if picture was taken in low light condition.

Now it is possible to use phone in smart apps like for jogging and smart watch. Other phones, mainly android operating system mobile phone, have this option but nokia was lacking in this.

Rumor says that nokia phone now will keep photo taken by camera sharp even users zoom it.

Nokia smart camera update
Now users can take many pictures and edit it by smart apps such as motion focus and best shot. Now users can take high quality pictures with the phone camera.

FM radio updates
Interesting fact is nokia window 8 phones do not support FM radio before this updates but window 7 phones supported FM. Now with amber updates users will be able to enjoy FM. Nokia’s new Smartphones will support FM after this update.

Bluetooth 4.0 support
Amber update makes it possible to support Bluetooth 4.0 for the nokia phones. Bluetooth 4.0 is low power consuming Bluetooth technology. It is very good for the people who need to have Bluetooth always on while on the go. Conference guys, bikers, car drivers, business people and professional need to keep their Bluetooth on for most of the time to support hands free accessories and other gadgets. Now Bluetooth will not consume a lot of battery. Now it is possible to connect for longer time, perfect for long term and to save energy too.

Bad news is that nokia has not announced amber update till now. We can expect nokia to announce it in the month of august or September.

Devices to support amber updates
Lumia 520
Lumia 620
Lumia 720
Lumia 920

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