After Windows, Microsoft Office Now Available for Android

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Everybody is aware about Microsoft office on PC.  Users use Microsoft office on their computers and it is not possible to dream a computer operating efficiently without Microsoft office as long as it is an mac operating Apple computer.  Microsoft has introduced its office version for android phones.  It is one of the many example which shows increasing popularity of Android operating system.


Review of Microsoft office for Android

First of all it is not free.  By the way there is no free lunch in this world. It comes with $100 a year subscription.  It comes with office 365 and android version will not be sold separately for the smart phones.
I think it was planned just after iPhone version of Microsoft office in June.  Increased popularity of android mobile phones shows opportunity for the Microsoft.  Microsoft office is trying to sell more of its office 365 to more users.  Tablets running Microsoft window operating system had this advantage earlier which is available now for the other mobile operating system.
Office 365 subscribers now can access or view or edit word, excel and power point documents with window phones.

Microsoft Strategy

Office 365 has been in market as single product now Microsoft wants to sell it with android app.  Microsoft marketing strategy is to target to type of consumers with one product.  The Microsoft thought it is beneficial to run the whole package in many computers but it can be a expensive deal for the consumers to buy the subscription every year rather than buy it once.
Microsoft has designed it for small screen devices of android so that users can edit, save, delete or change the word, excel or PowerPoint files.  Strangely office is not available for android tablet.  I think that any user who would use office in such device would prefer to use tablets because they are more professional device and are designed for specifically this purpose.  The company has office for android and iPad tablets but users can use this only in online mode by a web browser whereas the new android office can be used as offline which is very time saving and money saving.

Subscription of Microsoft office android

After subscribing it for $100 user can use it on 10 devices.  5 devices of android phone but not all of 10.  Other 5 either user can install on computer of window operating system or apple’s mac or there is third option with window operating tablet.  It can be a good strategy because by this Microsoft is increasing its popularity and creating a niche for its product.  Users of Microsoft will have a prestige feeling of using office on their device because their peers can not do that.  On the other side Microsoft is losing lot on revenue because there is other substitute available for the consumers.  Google provides Quick Office as answer to Microsoft office and apple has iWork.  Now competitors can take advantage of this situation.

Required phone specification

Microsoft office for android requires android 4.0 or later version.  Office is compatible only with the latest android devices who supports android 4.0 and latest.  Users can buy it from google play store.  Now it is only available in US market but soon it will be available worldwide.

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