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Adsense: Western Union Quick Cash® Payment Mode Reaches 60 Countries

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adsense-western-union-quick-cash-payment-mode-faster Quite some time back, Google has introduced Western Union Quick Cash® as a payment method for making payments to adsense publishers. This was done primarily based on the feedback from many publishers regarding adsense earning payments being received quite late. This was obviously due to postal delays and other such related practical problems attached with sending and receiving payments thru cheque and various other such physical modes. To counter this problem, Google had tied up with Western Union and included Western Union Quick Cash® as a valid payment mode some time back in 2009-10. This has been widely accepted due to easy availability of Western Union agents all over the world and has received good response with more and more people opting for this payment mode. This was obviously due to the fact that payment can reach you faster than cheque. Generally, you are able to receive the  payment through this mode within a day’s time after the payment has been released. However, Google has not changed the adsense payment schedule and it still follows the same schedule, still giving you an additional flexibility and convenience in terms of receiving the payment faster and that too in your local currency.

This payment is still now available everywhere and Google adsense has been trying to include more and more countries in this list. Recently, they have added 13 more countries in this list which includes – Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Georgia,  Bahrain, Venezuela, Nicaragua and few more. This makes the total number of countries to around 60 where this payment mode has been introduced. However, bad news is India is still not there and we hope, it should be included soon. You can see the complete list of countries and areas already included. Alternatively, you can also locate the agent in your local country /area.

Please note that only publishers who have an individual accounts can opt for this adsense payment method. You need to have a Govt. issued ID card for the verification purpose to collect the adsense payment from your local Western Union agent. Ensure, name on your ID card should match with the one in your adsense account.

To know more about Western Union Quick Cash® payment methods and if you have any further question on how to sign up for this methods to receive adsense payment or any other issue you are facing with this, please look here.

Hope, India and other countries will also be included in this list soon.

Do share your feedback on this as well as your experience with Google’s existing payment methods.

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4 Thoughts to “Adsense: Western Union Quick Cash® Payment Mode Reaches 60 Countries”

  1. It is a nice news. Thanks. Hope India is also included in this list soon.

  2. I saw this list but could not found INDIA . Have any knowledge that when Indian Will add in this list ?

    1. Thats what I mentioned in my post that India is still not included. We can hope that to happen soon. However, I feel equally surpised at India not finding a place in 60 countries which have already been enabled for western union quick cash mode.

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