How to Add Facebook Subscribe Button in WordPress Thesis Blog

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Facebook launched Facebook Subscribe button only couple of months back. Earlier this subscribe button was made available only within Facebook profile of an individual. Any one could subscribe to the public news feed of the person using Subscribe button available on user’s Facebook profile. However, now Facebook has made it as a plugin so that Subscribe button could be added directly on any site and any one visiting the site could subscribe to the public feed of the person. Let us see how can you add this Facebook Subscribe button in WordPress Thesis theme based blog or for the sake in any other WordPress theme based blogs.


How to Add Facebook Subscribe Button in WordPress Thesis Blog or Website [Tutorial]

First you need to create the code for the Facebook Subscribe button plugin. Once you have the code, you can add the code anywhere within your blog or website to display the Facebook subscribe button.

  • Click here to go to Facebook Subscribe button social plugin scree.
  • Within the section “Get Your Subscribe Button Code”, put the URL of your Facebook profile in “Profile URL” field. Please note you need to take the URL of your personal Facebook profile and not the URL of the Facebook page for your blog or website. If you have created a username already for your Facebook profile then the URL to be put in would be like –<username>. For example, in my case, it was
  • After putting in the profile URL, now you can change and update other options available within same box like – layout style, color, font, width and show faces. If you would like to show faces of the people who have subscribed to your public feed, then you must keep “Show faces” checked.
  • Once done, click on “Get Code”. As per need, you can pick up any version of the code – XFBML version, HTML-5, or even an iframe version.

Adding Facebook Subscribe Button in Sidebar of WordPress Thesis Blog

Now, if you want to display the Facebook Subscribe button in the sidebar of your wordpress thesis blog, then go to Appearance->Widgets –> Drag Text(Arbitrary text or HTML) Widget to sidebar->Paste the copied code->Save.

You may need to clear the cache if you are not able to see the Facebook Subscribe button on your WordPress blog or website.

Adding Facebook Subscribe button below Post on Single Post Page in WordPress Thesis Blog or website

If you want to add the Facebook Subscribe button on the single post page (below the post as we have displayed on our technology blog), then follow the below steps.

  • Go to Appearance->Thesis Open Hook->Post Box Bottom Hook.
  • Paste the copied Facebook Subscribe button code in this hook and save it.

You will need to have Thesis Open Hook plugin installed already in the above case. In the absence of this plugin, you may need to put the code manually within the templates files which may be a bit more risky for a non-technical person.

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Similarly, you can choose to display the Facebook Subscribe button anywhere on your WordPress Thesis blog or website. So, you can see how easy it is with WordPress Thesis theme to implement any new changes, customizations and plugins.

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