Aakash Tablet Sold Out, Pre-Order for UbiSlate Picks Up

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It has hardly been just two days since the Aakash tablet was put on sale online and it has already been sold out and company has stopped accepting any more online orders as of now for Aakash tablet. It was expected as we informed earlier that there were only limited number of Aakash tablets available to be sold out only to selected few individuals. Around 40000 units of Aakash tablet were put up for sale online in the this first round. All those who could not buy Aakash tablet this time may have to wait for some more time until company manufactures few more units.


Aakash Sold Out but Pre-Order Booking for UbiSlate 7 (Aakash-2)Tablet Picks Up

However, even if Aakash tablet has been sold out, the pre-booking orders for its upgraded version – UbiSlate 7 tablet has picked up. This is obviously because people don’t want to miss out on buying UbiSlate 7 tablet at least which is expected to be ready for delivery by January 2012 end.

Do you know that Aakash Tablet delivery delayed till January 2012.

Why you Should buy UbiSlate 7 Tablet (Aakash –2) than Aakash

It actually makes sense to pre-book UbiSlate 7 tablet and buy it when it is ready. First of all, since Aakash tablet is slightly cheaper than UbiSlate 7 tablet, the demand will always be more for Aakash tablet than the supply. So, the waiting cycle to get Aakash tablet will be more than UbiSlate 7 tablet. Secondly, since price for UbiSlate 7 tablet is only Rs. 500 more than the Aakash tablet, it is still worth for money keeping in mind the additional features that you get with UbiSlate 7 tablet. The price difference of Rs. 500 is not much, so it would make perfect sense to pre-book and buy UbiSlate 7 tablet and enjoy the additional features and higher performance that you get with upgraded version of Aakash tablet.

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