Aakash Tablet Delivery Delayed–Wait till January 2012

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Aakash Tablet delivery delayed is the last thing any one who has booked this tablet would like to hear. But its official now. Company Datawind has confirmed that due to some undisclosed reasons, Aakash tablet delivery is delayed and it won’t happen before January 2012 now. People who have booked Aakash tablet will now have to wait a few days more until Janurary 2012 to get the Aakash tablet delivery. Earlier, at the time of booking company had promised about Aakash tablet delivery to happen within a weeks time. The first round of booking which started on 15 December online had got enormous response and limited editions Aakash tablet sold out almost immediately of online booking getting launched.


Reasons Why Aakash Tablet Delivery Delayed till January 2012

We got in touch with the company Datawind to know the actual reasons on why Aakash tablet delivery delayed till January 2012. But company has not yet clarified and informed about the actual reasons. However, it could be because of the heavy booking which has happened for the world’s cheapest tablet.

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Aakash Tablet Delivery Delayed till January 2012 – What to do?

Well, if you have booked the tablet then you will have to only wait if you are really keen to get it. However, there is nothing to worry as such because anyways no one has made any payment as yet. This is because so far company is offering aakash tablet only via Cash on Delivery payment method. So one will be paying for it only after getting the delivery. This comes as a big relief to the people who otherwise would have felt cheated and bad, had they made the payment already.

Aakash Tablet Delivery Delayed till January 2012 – How to Ask for Cancellation

Well, if Aakash tablet delivery delay has made you lose interest in the tablet and you want to cancel the booking altogether then you can do so. Basically, since Aakash tablet delivery has to be made only on the basis of Cash on Delivery payment method, company has to make a confirmation call before making the actual delivery to the customer. When you get the confirmation call from the company, that time you can ask them to cancel the order.

You can even go for another option i.e. to cancel the booking for Aakash tablet and instead book UbiSlate 7 tablet.

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So, do let us know if you need any more clarifications on Aakash tablet delivery delay or any thing else.

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