“Aakash Tablet Could Have Been even Cheaper than $35” [Video]

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The whole of India is currently seems to be talking about the latest launch of world’s cheapest tablet computer (Aakash) in India. Country is feeling proud to have developed (not only India’s but) world’s cheapest tablet with Made in India stamp. After all, how many innovations one can really find with this stamp. As a matter fact, we have become quite used to identifying each and everything that sells quite cheap as originating from China. But, good that this time we don’t really have to see Made in China stamp and yet Aakash has been launched at ultra low price in India. It is true that Aakash may not be exactly $35 or may by slightly more than this amount, yet it continues to be the world’s cheapest tablet computer. A UK based company named DataWind has developed this product. DataWind has got its units in China as well yet they developed this tablet from their India unit.
Check out some amazing facts about Aakash Tablet.

Aakash Tablet is Made in India

In an exclusive interview with NDTV’s Gadget Guru, Mr Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO DataWind disclosed this that how this tablet could have been even cheaper, had they developed this from their China unit. He cited reasons like complicated tax structure, inter-state sales taxes, VAT and other such costs which got added to the manufacturing cost of Aakash for getting it developed from India unit. Moreover, they had to specially setup this new unit in Hyderabad for producing Aakash tablet computers even when they had running units capable of developing such tablet devices in China itself. Had they done this from China, then obviously costs would have been even lesser and hence the final selling price.
Have a look at ‘first look’ pictures of Aakash Tablet.
But then this extra price has to be paid to have this “Made in India” tag which also is quite significant. HRD ministry wanted Aakash to be launched with Made in India tag rather than anything else. This is what Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli quoted in his exclusive interview with NDTV’s Gadget Guru Rajiv Makhni;
“It would have been cheaper to produce the tablet in China, in our existing facility. Manufacturing in India is not easy because of the complicated tax structure, inter-state sales taxes, VAT and other associated costs. We set up a unit in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and also faced problems due to the Telengana agitations and so on. But it was important for this project to have the Made in India tag and despite hurdles we feel it’s been worth it.”
Check out the below Video of exclusive interview of Mr Tuli with NDTV to understand how Aakash – the World’s cheapest tablet, could come into existence with Made in India tag.

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Exclusive Interview Video of Mr Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, DataWind with NDTV’s Gadget Guru

Check out the interview video below;


Cheap Internet Plans of Rs 98 per month for Aakash UbiSlate 7 Tablet

In a yet another recent interview with Rediff, DataWind CEO Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli informed about company’s plans to get much affordable and cheap internet plans of around Rs 98 per month specially for Aakash tablet users. He also informed about other future plans for the company which includes to go for an IPO as well.

Company DataWind which is a $10 million company aspired to become a $500 million company as per Suneet Singh Tuli’s future plans for the company.

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