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5 Essential iPhone Apps for the SEO Professional

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There are about a hundred factors people consider before choosing or purchasing a phone. One of the leading mobile phones choices for this day and age is the iPhone. It has proven to be the one phone that people would need to manage their day to day lives. Can the iPhone also conquer the world of an SEO professional?

The iPhone is customizable; it can be personalized based on the needs or preferences of the user. Applications for different types of iPhone owners are readily available in the Apps store. Here are 5 iPhone app essentials for SEO practitioners.

1. SEO Submit Pro

This application can be installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is an easy way to perform search engine optimization right from the iPhone. All a user would need to do to increase the site’s visibility is to tap on the icon, enter the address of the site or blog, and hit the submit button.

submit pro

Once submitted, the address of your site or blog will be automatically forwarded either directly or indirectly to some of the following search engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, search.com, and a whole lot more.

Created by IRM (Inside Root Media), SEO Submit Pro also includes a video demonstration online and a 24/7 technical support site. With SEO Submit Pro, the price to boost up your ranking is a mere $7.99.

Developer – Inside Root Media

Price – $7.99

2. WebFight Lite

As an SEO professional it is mandatory that the right words or keywords are used to be able to reach the target market. WebFight is an application that helps an SEO decides which words are top ranked.

WebFight Lite

At first glance this app might look like a game, but it actually spews out results in a matter of minutes. The application even gives a summary of which word won the fight and segregates them as top word for searches, or top word for advertisement. This free and is easily downloadable from the app store.

Developer – A2rt

Price – Free

3. Link Juice

Is an SEO’s best friend. Its main feature: a tidy and easy to use interface. The application provides valuable data on backlinks, page and domain authority, linking sources, sub-domains and anchor texts.

Link Juice

The application also allows you to see how you can improve your ranking in Google and all other major search engines. This is particularly useful since an SEO practitioner’s main duty is to make sure that the site’s ranking is well above average.

The most valuable feature of Link Juice is its portability. SEOs can do practically anything on this application while on the move.

Developer – Ignite Fly

Price – $1.99

4. Domainer

The application itself is the first SEO application made available in the app store. Its main duty is to track the page rank of your site. Reviews for this application state that it is very easy to use and that the results are simple and direct. All one needs to do is to download and install the application, enter the website you want to check the ranking for, and wait for the app to show the rank of the website/s.


This is again another useful tool that an SEO practitioner would need to have on his or her iPhone. Aside from the ease of use it offers, it also gives the SEO an option to save the details of the page rank and compare it on a day-to-day basis. Once a trend has been established and the SEO is already satisfied with the site’s performance, history logs can also be cleared and new searches can be done.

Developer – Gem Studio

Price – $0.99

5. SEO Analysis Tool

Provides in-depth analytical and technical details about a specific domain. Aside from providing specific details about how a domain performs, it also gives tips on how to further improve or maintain your site’s performance.

SEO analysis tool

Efficiency and accuracy are some of the features this application has. It gives results in a matter of 1-2 minutes. After an analysis has been done on a page, it automatically directs you to the detailed summary of the search.

Developer – WebPageOneSolutions Limited

Price – Free

There are many other SEO tools that can be used to help an SEO professional monitor and improve site’s ranking. These applications allow practitioners to be able to do their work even when working remotely or while on the go. They also offer the advantage of convenient regular monitoring as they are installed on the iPhone, which can be brought and used anytime and anywhere.

Above is a guest post by Jay Manangan. Jay is Part time writer a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in Laptops, HD camcorder, Gaming Consoles, LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, iPhone and iPad accessories as well as iPad and Iphone Repair. If you are interested to contribute a guest post, read our guidelines.

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