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10 Interesting features of WhatsApp

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Whatsapp Chat PageWith the technology advancing every single day, there isn’t anything left we can’t think of now. With the application world advancing, connectivity from one corner to another globally has become easier than ever. Go through the great features WhatsApp has been offering to make your life the best and the easiest one in the cost effective manner.

Under a roof feature:

One roof under where you have text messaging, audio messaging, photo, audio and video sharing which makes life easier and a blessing in itself.

Blue Tick fetaureNo one can escape:

With the latest version of WhatsApp one can get the notification on whether the person has received and whether he has read the message or not. So don’t try to ignore any, you might be caught instantly.

Present or Absent:

The Application gives the best feature to give the information about whether the person is online on WhatsApp or not. This gives the idea about the person whom you messaging are present and reading at that specific time or not.

Last Seen at…

When did you last see your friend using the application? You can easily see with the help of the WhatsApp feature where it shows the last seen message time.

Tick Tick:

The feature of single and double tick isn’t such there. It has a meaning behind it. The single tick means the message has been sent. The double means it has been delivered and when the double tick is turned blue it means the person has read it. is that WOW?


It isn’t like Facebook wherein people can search your name and can invite you. The Application maintains a level of privacy as only those who have your phone number can only see you in their WhatsApp list and can message you there.

WhatsApp User-Friendly:

Even if you change your phone number, you can still keep the WhatsApp number same as before to have easy access to your friends contact without taking the effort to update others with the new number.

Instant Transfer:

Instant delivery of photos and videos in no time makes the sharing of photos and video so easy that no one ever thought of.

Nominal Charge:

With Android Phones having the feature to use WhatsApp free, the Iphone users have to pay nominal charges of INR 56 for a year.

Global Connectivity:

Even if you are sitting in corner of USA or Bhutan or anywhere in the world, with the availability of WIFI you can connect to your friends and relatives for free with just a click of messages on the App.

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